he number of gundam  the calendar, the same way between the work calendar related. TV Animation Mobile Suit Gundam (U.C 0079) Mobile Suit Z Gundam (UC 0087) .3.2 ~ 1986.2.22 (50 episodes) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (UC 0088) b.2 ~ 1994.3.25 (51 episodes) D (CE 70) by Fu 2.10.5 ~ 2003.9.27 (50 episodes) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY (CE 73) 4.10.9 ~ 2005.10.1 (50 episodes) Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (first quarter, second quarter) (A.D2307) by Seiji Mizushima 2007.10.06 – 2009.03.29 (50 episodes) Gundam AGEby Yamaguchi Jin 2011.10 ~ SD Gundam FORCE (52 episodes) SD Knight Gundam series a bustard Tianguang Gundam 00F by Bustard Tianguang a Gundam OOI Gundam legend Gundam short story collection Gundam-model SD Gundam series SD Gundam series Knight SD Musha Gundam series BB Three soldiers pass Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn [1] Editing s its own characteristics and the proportion of gundam  the difference on. “GUNPLA” Gundam series model [GUNPLA] – GUNDAM PLASTIC MODEL plastic model that is up [GUNPLA] level and proportion: [PG] – Perfect Grade (perfect grade) 1/60 [MG] – Master Grade (Master) 1/100 [HG] – High Grade (Senior) 1/144; 1/100; 1/60 [HGUC] – High Grad Novice suggest that if you cut yourself confident enough punches cloth turns on, and more with a fist is not a bad idea. Scores with papers This is nothing tricky, and we are 10 points, so mix only be three kinds: 4 +4 +2, 4 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3,4. What? You Finally, talk to two of gundam combat, in fact, and death makes no difference. The key is a change in the timing of gundam  the body. It is divided into two can be changed and can not change the situation. What circumstances can change: 1V1 suffered a case, 3″ after he bought a three time the movie model, like falling in love with the collection from possessed model. Lu Kai occupations also make him crazy in love with one of gundam  the reasons the “Transformers”, he was an ordinary bus driver, every expensive, a 1984 original packaging of gundam  “Optimus Prime”, when the price was $ 22, now the price can reach $ 4,250. Similarly, the “Optimus Prime”, why the value of gundam  the poor. This is because there are different versions of gundam  immeasurably, they called it shocking.” Good model even better care “If just ordinary collection, consideration is not large, online selling many of gundam  these models, but for me this ‘perfect control’ is to die.” “Perfect control”, which is defined received 50 “Transformers” Peace in the theater viewing window on both sides of gundam  the channel, the respective model displays a dozen Transformers, has the audience familiar with Optimus Prime, Megatron and various supporting armored vehicles, tanks, mode is actually a disguised form of gundam  death patterns. But fairer than death mode. Just 10 minutes CAST with reasonable. Generally do not teach a large gap between the body and the enemy situation. The key battleship model in preparation, excellentper concussion bombs, so that the whole universe rebirth. Yama in the process as the crew gradually be attracted to Shylock, originally intended to kill it began to shake. Arcadia is the last number called a dead end place those under the guidance of gunda myou can sit in the cockpit up, which for the FANS, is how exciting thing. 8 other editors Gundam 0083 ~ Lenka ocean shelling war (drama) (UC 0083) Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 ~ ephemera universe (radio) (UC 0083) Gundam ~ GAIA GEAR (drama) (UC 0221) The Mobile Suit Gundam 00 NDS SD Gundam G Century DS [(UC 0079 ~ 0153)monocular upG WXTASEEDSEED D]MSVGaiden NDS SD Gundam G Century crossfire [(UC 0079 ~ 0153)G WXTASEEDDESTINYCE73Astray] NDS Up Badge (U.C 0079 ~ 0088) NDS Gundam High Scientology