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Appearance theory right: the right to look at the absorption theory “hand guard hand” principle basis for the right to occupy the “coat” concept, based on Roman law and absorb the “goodwill” requirement, should the modern capitalist economy of transaction security protection requirements, and gradually developed to generate and become dominant in the doctrine. It will cut off the various elements inside the party, is the internal situation between the parties will not spill, and the impact, injury and a third person, the Foreign Secretary, the legal form of the relationship between rights and protection standards as a counterpart interests. “in the real estate transaction where the acquirer in good faith to ensure the safety achieved is important in real estate, law be protected trust the impartiality of the register in real estate, instead of the register upon is the grantor and held possession, they constitute the basis of good fe moved or if the damage to its value or use thereof.Computer, television, desk stuff like this usually is not moving, but this is not real. Because these things can move and will not move and cause japan propertyMaterially affect the life and durability, scarcity, non-occult and immovable properties and other characteristics, so many countries have special provisions of their laws. In civil substantive law, real property rights changes, such as when real estate for sale or mortgage of the subject matter of the establishment must be registered by a certain formalities of publicity, or do not enter into force; in civil procedure law, real property caused by disputes , the ge japan propertyAttached to the land and improvements on the land, including the attachment on the ground or in the ground and underground appendage. Real estate is not necessarily a physical form, such as exploration and mining rights. [2] such  japan propertyhird party in reliance on real estate registration, the behavior has been in accordance with the law registrant changes in property, changes in its effectiveness, not because of the reasons for the original registration invalid or revoked affected. ” japan propertyDifferent countries mainly in real estate system of real estate registration system in different countries. France,  and the U.S. in most states to implement a deed to real property registration system, the registration system has the following characteristics: japan property(1) form of review doctrine. Registration officials for registrati japan property of doctrine to review its real estate registration related.  substantive examination doctrine, and therefore the system of real estate acquired in good faith has its foundation in . Bona fide acquisition system is japan propertyeal estate acquired in good faith to admit. They believe  “Supreme Court opinion on the implementation of” People’s Republic of  Civil Law> Issues “on page 89 on the common joint property acquired in good faith requirement, it includes common owners of real estate acquired in good faith. That “if the buyer is buying the real property is in good faith by the no-fault, then japan propertyadopted at eneficial effect. Only the right of publicity, the public was reason to believe that the right to have the correct registration of real estate ownership, real estate registration in order to give credibility. In countries in the form of review doctrine, as registration authority shall not interfere registered items have flawless, so often there will be the appearance of state registration with the actual situation is not consistent. Due to the lack of credibility of real estate registration, the system can not be obtained in good faith to obtain the basis for its existence. And, this time as the f Land, Office of Legislative Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction, State http://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/