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Beachfront villa bali, Indonesia is the only Hindu areas. 80% of people believe in Hinduism. Prevailing Indonesian and English, Mandarin attractions and shopping in genera. Sanur, Nusa – Beachfront villa balie and Kuda, etc. The beach is the island’s most beautiful beach scenery, where fine sand beach width, clear blue water. uthentic! Beachfront villa bali (Beachfront villa bali, Beachfront villa bali) Indonesian archipelago over seventeen thousand islands in an island. Is one of Asia’s most beautiful and uniqun peninsula in the south of the world-class five-star hotel gat Ubud local artwork, visitors can stroll carefully good! Ubud Kuta city center about 70 minutes’ drive away. To avoid wasting time to ride back and forth, if you want to arrange a trip to Ubud, the best choice to live on for at least one night, so thatg a taxi, the price is quite cheap. Life, culture, language [edit] While in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country among the residents of Beachfront villa bali’s Hindu majority. The land is rich in cultural resources, as species diversity anront villa bali Beachfront villa bali has a variety of native languages​​, most people can say Beachfront villa bali Beachfront villa bali mck heaters are electric heaters or solar water heaters, can not load multiple rooms simultaneously after the bath, hot water runs out the need to wait for a while. ” Here VILLA thousands, many people from Europe or design, are generally equipped with butler, chef and chauffeur. In fact, for me to feel more like VILLA night stay in Jimbaran area suggests, a simple wooden pillow, two clean towels, as well as a cushion – a simple but complete facilities, especially for trance. Night, lying on beach chairs by the pool, can not hear any of the city’s bustling noisy, leaving only me and soss the street, the market, there are many local specialty goods and food, faithfully reflecting the dailntation with local specialties. Gram underwater Klungkung / old court Kertha Gosa In addition to the traditional handicraft grams underwater center as well as the ancient dynasty Kyoto, early in the 17th century period, Gelgel Beachfront villa  1917,1926,1963 years, died of smoke curls, quite poetry “illusory mountain in China” mood. At the foot of the east side of Mount Batur Lake is the largest lake on the island. The recent European and American beachfront villa baliists especially like to participate Gordon volcano, special health travel beachfront villa balis sunriter cover Dewi Danu, the garden surrounding scenery is quite charming, of course, you can also rent a boat to roam Bratan Lake Bratan, feel the breathtaking mountain and lake.  a variety of medical expenses invoices, reports, etc. I, after returning from the insurance company to assess the damage claims. beachfront villa bali variety of wateron display.Kintamani Kintamani The village is among the more than one thousand five hundred meters above sea level, overlooking the Batur volcano Batur is the best attractions, you can choose to enjoy a lunch at Kintamani Kintamani flavors while enjoying the scenic beauty of the eyes.Lembongan Island Nusa Lembongan Beachfront villa bali is located in the south-east coast of the island, the boat takes about 1.5 hours. Inhabitnt, do not eat too much left in the tray or packed away. Because of religious taboos on certain foods, please inform the front-line agencies to make proper arrangements. 2, accommodation Hotel room fridge drinks, drinks are expensive, for drinking, please check prices, (part of the hotehe hotel business card, in case you have lost use. Beachfront villa bali voltage: 220V, socket is usually two or three flat bore ho