l have different textures, such as red oak, its texture is a sword-type pattern, texture relatively rough, kd suitable for large-sized great room; and like Okan is a stripe pattern, and delicate texture, suitable north-south apartment, laying a small rbeans; while able to meet the needs of current popular style of decoration is ash, oak, etc. …… consumers can choose flooring material according to kd their needs. 2  deformation. The parquet flooring and laminate wood flooring and solid wood flooring stability in one of aesthetics, but also has environmental advantages. Advantagesent trends three types of wood flooring four modernizations  wood floor industry status  Note 4 channel problems Matters standard 5 6 7 selection methods on how to install 8 FAQ  Alice bent wood flooring wood flooring shrinkage deformation other common kd problems from the seam 9 classification wood flooring  three soliing, bamboo flooring and cork flooring six categories. Lubanga is the first origin of wood flooring wood pedigree, natural wood floors, Pioneer also Luban, Luban spell reads:oring features to improve the dimensional stability of the wood opposite, to make the wood more resistant, beautiful, fire and water-resistant, antistatic. Third, the surfte of resources. Second, laminate flooring can generally be divided into the medium and high density fiberboard wood floors and a strong testing two types of laminate flooring to create flower plate as the substrate. Third, wood flooring can be divided into thre lot of business users, now empty shops are basically poor location.” According to the reporter visited the survey, each household stores in Changsha, kd section small kd local stores have higher vacancy rates, up nearly 30%. Reporters found that many brands are doing special promotions, a furniture brand slogan “12,800 yuan two bedrooms” promotional banner to attract consumers, but there are few guests Advisory shopping floor like a pro. Online there are some so-called tips. However, the facts are very professional and the average consumer is difficult to do, even if we can surely do spend a lot of energy and time. Therefore, we recommend that the easiest way is to choose a good bran, the vacancy rate increased survival of the fittest is a natural market. Now, some flooring brand itself is not high-end products, will seek to enter the opposite end of the market, with the price difference to attract consumers. Meanwhile, just to be on the floor of ordinary consumers, the possibility of decomposition of the market and greater. Large national chain stores to expand secondary and tertiary markets, the diversion of secondary and tertiary markets customers. The strength of dealers also walk the path of marketing channels, directly to the consumer terminal area, real estateg adhesive stickers made​​. Their essential difference between the two main points: Firsed Content • purchase of environmentally friendly flooring laminate flooring • floor he assured me that you customized, children should know a few things rosewood flooring •. The light-colored wood flooring material: Maple, Fagus (aka beech), birch. Intermediaarm, foot feeling good, relatively close to nature. Disadvantages: for businesses, ng. Analysis: 1, when climate change is large, resulting in moisture content of the wood floor is too large or too low, wooden floors shrinkage or swelling occurs, kd the film flexibility to keep up with swelling or shrinkage of wood flooring changes, caused the paint film cracking; 2, wooden floor by sun exposure or long-term wind, wood shrinkag wide board on the market, narrow plate width plate is more beautiful, generous, texture diastole, the pattern complete, but qualified wide board wood species required to undergo a rigorous selection and quality acceptance. Fourth, kd choose moisture content due to the geogra cork flooring six categories. First, solid wood flooring including mortise floor (also known as tongue and groove floor), flat ground plate (also known as flat floor), mosaic floors。http://www.twkd.com/sg/