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the faucet; Taps Singapore Do not tap directly on a hard object (especially when showing to customers, do not directly on our desk, to the customer feel your products are not high-end); 5. Wipe with a dry soft cloth. Taps SingaporeFaucet cleaning methods Faucet cleaning methods Maintenance  Usually available car wax spray to wipe the faucet surface 3-5 minutes, you can maintain the brightness faucet samples; Taps Singapore Usually best not to directly touch, because it is easy to do have oil stains leading surface, not easy to clean, the impact of finish;  Frequent replacement faucet sample position; Taps Singapore Often leading sample exchange, may take the following two methods: A, will be sold to the new leader to change the sample box to customers away; B, the sample with the company exchange of goods, delivery personnel will sample by the company to the consumer’s home installation. Taps SingaporePorcelain can be electric faucet  According to the structure to points, can be divided into single-joint type, duplex and triplex, such as several taps. In addition, there is a single handle and double handle points. Single-joint type can be accessed by the cold water pipe or water pipe; duplex can simultaneously connect two pipes of hot and cold, and more for bathroom vanities and kitchen vegetables with hot water supply basin faucet; triple-style hot and cold water in addition to pick two outside the pipe, you can also take showers, mainly for the bathtub faucet. Single-handle faucet hot and cold water temperature Taps SingaporeAugust 13 morning, the iron rule of the road in the small town square officially launched the “water-saving appliances” Replacing the ceremony, Shiba street five community 396 residents became the first to benefit users. Taps SingaporeAfter the ceremony, Shiba Street Urban Management Division staff to arrange installation Liu Tsui roadway community for residents to replace water-saving appliances. Yuanmao grandmother in a segment No. 2, Lane 86 years old this year, is now living alone in a hundred years of history in this old house, still using only one gear rushed for nine liters of toilet water and non-water-saving faucet srchase method. Hope, by definition, that the faucet in the purchase, depending on whether the plating surface gloss uniformity, with or without peeling, cracking, pitting spots and obvious defects. Wen, in the purchase of the faucet, you need to identify by smell, smell the faucet spout, a pungent odor should be careful to buy. Ask at the time of purchase to ask the sales staff, the relevant data on the product, product testing report, brand identity and service cards, the report finds that if the detection of qualified products, you can rest assured that use. Taps SingaporeCut, usually a good taps are generally heavy, so the purchase can have a hand weigh faucet components. In addition, experts also said that in order to avoid cheaper, informal businesses to purchase an unknown product, so as not to buy counterfeit products. Use  copper pipe also is mainstream. The next pipe is generally used in flame-retardant effect of U-PVC pipe. Faucet is a faucet in one, though small in size, but the position in the flow of people crowded public places aneds, this year the city to provide free installationof the size of the switch, there are water-saving effect. Faucet replacement very fast development from the old-fashioned cast-iron knob to the plating process, but also the development of single-temcked flu is also large. Taps Singapore Anti-calcification system: will the deposition of calcium, the same situation also occurred on the faucet in the shower and automatic cleaning system, there will be a silicon gathered. Integrated air cleaner with anti-calcification system inside the device is also able to prevent calcification. http://www.wasserbath.com/home/Products.aspx?Category=3&Series=39