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The community. From sophomore to play graduation, students not only to attend all professional courses, there will be 36 weeks of the “gap period”, participate in internships, exchange programs or rest. In addition, from sophomore starting in January each year, the school will arrange for students to enteDesign School Singapore the “free activity period” or participate in “preparatory internship program.” “Free activity period” to allow students to take courses outside specialist, and “internship preparation plan” for students and instructors exchange  Innovative Cities), he is expected to study to become a new  big “selling point.” Mathematical high school graduates, National University of Singapore Huangkai Qi (20 years old), is a new novel and system design engineering diploma attracted to, and decided to enroll in the new , or even abandon an American university awarded scholarships. She said: “For me, thDesign School Singapore4/7 achieve seamless upgrade the entire campus tightness and permeability. Conversely, a gathering of alumni, students and teachers to learn Square openness conducive academic exchanges, but also contributes to social interaction. 3 Lee Kuan Yew innovative city center Editing Singapore University of Technology and DesiDesign School Singaporegn before the name of Lee Kuan Yew, the city established an innovative research center. This center will be through the integration of technology and design to cope with urban development and management. This is the “Lee Kuan Yew innovative city center” (Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities) is estimated turable design (ASD) Overview Design School SingaporeArchitecture and durable design course is designed for doctoral creative and enterprising spirit of the people and are interested in in-depth research on the built environment and design. Nature of the course of study in the form of multi-discipline and multi-antenna mode, expand the study of architectural design. Architectural design, technology, urban design and pDesign School Singaporelanning, and environmental studies covering. Scope of the study: Building and Sustainable Development Machine learning and artificial intelligence Computer vision, multimedia, signal processing [2] 6 Joint Schools Editing SUTD cooperative education together with the United States Design School Singaporesetts Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University in China. setts is the founding principal of Thomas .L.  Antioch  Professor, setts Institute of Technology, took the interviewDesign School Singapore by school staff, recruitment, doctoral and postdoctoral have a chance to go to to learn to communicate. “Engaged in garment design is my childhood dream, from conception until the design is made dressing gown worn in person, I have enjoyed the process.” According to reports, next to Singapore Outram Park station has a whole row of shophouses, which within a shophouse windoon and digital media Integrated circuits, sensors and semiconductors Wireless networks and smart grid Engineering Systems and Design School Singapore Overview Five doctoral programs n design goals of Singapore University of Technology is creating an open and transparent campus space, can accommodate teaching and learning activities through the horizontal and vertical directions as well as the layout of the double quadrant organization of the mesh diagonal direction meet at a network node exchanges between teaourse provides comprehensive and in-depth product design research, its development across traditional scientific boundaries. Course combines scientific research and improve intertent theories droducts to meet the needs of society,Design School Singapore and multi explore scie. New  faculty can be carried out by the center with other universities, government departments and enterprises collaborative research, students also have the opportunity to participate in research projects, the center invited foreign experts to learn. International Design Centre tems, financial services, energy production, security and defense rmation about the various fields of computer science, computer engineering and informaEditing Architecture and dInnovative Urban