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s met the requirements of such a system design to ensure its actual effect.” Zhangdao Chang also pointed out that the school has mobilized 12 Senate members to partic Design School Singapore ipate in an interdisciplinary program. Plus by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology “transplant” over the “Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program” (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme) and Lee Kuan Yew innovative city center (Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities), he is expected to study to become a new HKUST big “selling point.” Mathematical high school graduates, National University of Singapore Huangkai Qi (20 years old), HKUST is a new novel and syst Design School Singapore em design engineering diploma attracted to, and decided to enroll in the new HKUST, or even abandon an American university awarded scholarships. She said: “For me, the meaning of a college education is not only a diploma I hoping to get good enough to make my life skills I think the new curriculum and patterns HKUST can do..” President Tony Tan yesterday with a new HKUST Chancellor attended the ceremony. He believes that the new feature is HKUST combination of technology and creative deEditing Permanent campus at the University of Technology and Design Singapore Changi Road, Simei Road and the Singapore Expo. It is a medium-sized university enrollment is expected to be 800 to 1,000 people each year, the new school will be completed in 2015. Temporarily use a temporary cam prestigious university, Singapore University of Technology has four academic pillars: pus located in Dover (Doveengineering, three professional, the school will offer two-year MIT-SUTD dual master’s degree. esigned to allow students to participate in the development of engineering p Design School Singapore chers and students to meet each other’s needs and provide possible future for continuous interaction and imprity of Technology haslogy and Design (ISTD). campus layout mainly along t Design School Singapore wo main axes, study area and the living area there is some overlap, forming campus Center area, will all corners of the university are linked up. campus channel allows campus part 2o cost tens of millions of construction. New HKUST specially set up a fund to assist fundraising. Every public and businesses every dollar donated, the center will be three yuan government subsidy. Shinco generals in six months for the center to form a consultancy group, Singapore’s ambassador to the United States Professor Chen Qingzhu and former civil servants heads He Xueyuan, has agreed to serve as the center of the consultant. The new center is located at HKUST campusIDC is committed to become the worand research opportunities. and defense Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Overview Information Systems and Design Technology doctoral program is designed to encourage students to engage in information systems technology and design aspects of advanced scientific research. Course provides information ab Design School Singapore out the various fields of computer science, computer engineering and information systems, interdisciplinary education  significant feature of this new university is: Students in the three and a half hours to complete college courses. Coupled with the April opening, earlier than other universities, new graduates HKUST eight months earlier than the same term graduate student, took to the community. From sop Design School SingaporeScope of the study: Information Security Software Engineering Wireless and Sensor Networks Multimodal Information Retrieval cmagined even better , so she was very moved. Singapore University of Technology and Design editor Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore University of Technology and Design, referred SUTD), follow Design School Singapore ing the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore’s fourth public university. Singapore University of Technology and Design (New HKUST) of the first 340 students in early May 2012 a formal class. Shinco