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Best Accounting Software Accounting software refers specifically to complete the accounting computer application software, and its role will help standardize accounting, financial management and even help drive the standardization of to build, and the accounting methods of accounting how to organize and carry out the composition. Accounting major branches: can be classified: From the point of view can be divided into broad categories accounting profit and non-profit accounting; accounting earnings, can be divided into financial accounting, management accounting. In the Chinese mainland shtogether constitute an organic wal campaign is management accounting and financial accounting work object, manage different. Content management accounting including planning decisions, performance evaluation and control, is for capital analysis, evaluation, control, forecasting and decision-making for managing enterprise economic activity. The main contents include financial accounting liabilities, assets, equity, cost, revenue and profit accounting, is a confirmation of funds, recording, measurement and reporting, reflect the company’s funds for sports. Secondly, the target is different. Enterprise management accounting to provide optimal decision-makinBest Accounting Softwareg and management information to operate efficiently, and provide reference for internal management personnel, is to improve economic efficiency and strengthen internal control services, often referred to as internal acent, too much emphasis on the role of capital assets in the production and maBest Accounting Softwarenagement, while ignoring the decision, the role of human factors dominate supplies of capital. With the constant improvement of accounting theory, expanding the scope of the accounting object. Content accounting management continues to expand, not only includes traditional accounting management content, but also bear the contents of intellectual capital, human resources cost control, supervision, accement accounting and financial accounting has always been consistent, is to improve enterprise efficiency and safeguard the interests of stakeholders. 3 integration measures manBest Accounting Softwareagement accounting and financial accounting 3.1 Construction of the fusion system management accounting and financial accounting Integration of management accounting and financial accounting is to further improve the corporate accounting, is a breakthrough in the development of accounBest Accounting Softwareing. By building management accounting and financial accounting system integration to enable enterprises accounting activities will not only be able to meet the various needs ement each other. With the emergence of new financial instruments, financial accounting measurement companies undergone great changes, and gradually expanded from a single measurement basis to different measurement basis of species, for example, by measuring the current cost of inventories, Best Accounting Software short-term measurement using the prevailing market price of securities , using the present value of future cash flow measurement Best Accounting Softwareof long-term debt to equity, which is conducive to the further integration of management accounting and financial accounting. 3.3 Effective use of variable costing convergence Changes in the cost method to provide cost data changes, help manage the amount of principal and interest accounting analysis and breakeven analysis, can provide cost control, planning and management decision-making to provide an objective reference. Changes in the cost and responsibility can also be accounting, flexible budgeting, standard costing and other direct binding, and thus play an important role in the production and management and planning control and other aspects. Changes will be introduced to finance the cost method of accounting which can promote convergence of management accounting and financial accounting, and promote the use of accounting to betterBest Accounting Software service management activities. In summary, both the interlinkages between management accounting and financial accounting, there are differences. With the continuous development of enterprise management, both within the enterprise presents trends continue integration. In practice, companies should build a reasonable integration of management accounting and financial accounting system, rational basis to build confirmation and measurement mode for Best Accounting Softwareeffective convergence using variable costing, thereby contributing to the organic integration of the two.