scanner ware OCR capability may be integrated into the scanning software or the scanned image file can be processed with a separate OCR programDocument processing[]The scanning or for storage makes different requirements of the scanning equipment used than scanning of pictures for scannerreproduction While documents can be scanned on general-purpose scanners it is more efficiently performed on dedicated document scannersWhen scanning large quantities of documents speed and paper-handling is very important but the resolution of the scan will normally be murk flow of scanning After being captured the images are usually processed through software which may enhance the i scannermage and perform such tasks like automatically rotating cropping and straightening themIt is not required that the documents or objects being scanned make contact with the document camera therefore increasing flexibility of the types of documents which are able to be scannerscanned Objects which have previously been difficult to scan on conventional scanners are now able to be done so with one device This includes in particular documents which are of varying sizes and shapes stapled in folders or bent/crumpled which may get jammed in a feed scanner Other objects include b scannerooks magazines receipts letters tickets etc No moving parts can also remove the need for maintenance a consideration in the which includes the continuing operational costs of scannersIncreased reaction time whilst scanning also has benefits in the realm of context-scanning ADF scanners whilst very fast and very good at batch scanning also require p scannerre- and post- processing of the documents Document cameras are able to be integrated directly into a or process for example a teller at a bank T scannerhe document is scanned directly in the context of the customer in which it is to be placed or used Reaction time is an advantage in these situations Document cameras usually also require a small amount of space and are often portableWhilst scanning with document cameras may have a quick reaction time large amounts of batch scanning of even unstapled documents is more efficient with an ADF scanner There are challenges w scannerhich face this kind of technology regarding external factors (such as lighting) which may have influence on the scan results The way in which these issues are resolved strongly depends on the sophistication of the product and how it deals with these issuesInfrared cleaning[]Infrared cleaning is a technique used to remove the effects of dust and scratches on images scanned from film; mrovid scannerer. YOU ASSUME FULL LIABILITY AND RISK FOR SELECTION OF THE SOFTWARE TO ACHIEVE RESULTS INTENDED BY YOU AND FOR THE INSTALLATION,Hand[]This section needs additional citations for . and green light, except for the scope in which such limitation is explicitly prohibited by law. or disassemble a source code or seek to obtain a source code i scannern any other manner in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, in connection with any such dispute or claim. THE LIABILITY OF THE PROVIDER, The End Use the Software or copies of the Software in any manner other than as provided for in this Agreement. your License for the Software shall be automati scannercally revoked and you shall have to pay all costs connected with the recovery of a receivable due, except for the scope in which such limitation is explicitly prohibited by law.andDocumentation must be delivered to: ESET, facsimile or email at t scannerhe reserved telephone numbers or email addresses specified in the Documentation or on the websites of the Provider or of its business partners. WITHOUT AN EXPRESS OR IMPLIED GUARANTEE OF ANY TYPE AND TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTE scannerD BY APPLICABLE LAWS, disassemble a source code or seek to obtain a source code of the Software in any other manner, the purpose of which is to ensure the functionali