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and the fit and finish of all the cars that are brought out by this Japanese auto japanese artmanufacturer as they represent the best in auto engineering. Of all the models that are brought out by this auto company, the civic is the most popular one as it represents the best in auto styling and has many features that are not available japanese artin other vehicles in this segment.   You can look for more information on the Honda Civic on the Internet from websites specializing in the indexing of information tha japanese artcame more popular in Japan, every man was expecting to get at least one sweet love token on Valentinefs Day — but of course it wouldnft always happen. Some men were greeted by 20 gifts, and others got none. Valentine’s Day transformed into a beauty japanese artcontest for the men in which the women voted who was most “attractive.h However, this became major problems in the close-knit Japanese society. japanese artIf one male employee got 20 chocolate gifts from women in the office, but other men got none, this would generate a major strain in the workplace. How could the female workers resolve this problem? They devised a chocolate named “obligatory” chocolate (“Giri-choco” in Japanese). This chocolate had the word “obligation” written on the surface of the chocolate, but from the outside, the japanese artwrapper seemed the same. The women at the office would all chip in the cash to buy these chocolates and send them to the less popular men in the office so that, at least on the surface, these men wouldnft have to lose face.Another cultural twist is “White Day.h It falls on a month after Valentine’s, March 14th. On japanese artthat day, a man will return a “love” token to the woman who gave him chocolates on Valentine’s day. White Day is in reality just the invention of chocolate makers, but its popularity zoomed up instantly as many women felt it was not fair to japanese artjust give chocolates on Valentine’s day and not get anything back. Initially, men would just give some sweets back to the woman, but gradually women started to expect to receive more expensive gifts in return. This was acceptable, since manfs status is still higher than that of women in Japan and Japanese society still expects a man to take care of a woman.Unfortunately, this new tradition also went to too far. A “popular” superior at the work place now needed to reserve rather large amount of money to buy return gifts to the women in the work place, rather than simply spending the same amount on his wife! Some shrewd women took advantage of the situation, and distributed large numbers of cheap chocolates to as many men as they could find, and then expected to get some more valuable gifts in return. If she did not get anything from a certain man, then bad rumors, saying the guy was cheap, would be spread in the work place. No man wants that, as the reputation is very important in Japanese culture.Although Valentine’s Day is still huge and 20% of yearly chocolate sales are made just for that day, there is some feeling of discontentment among the Japanese. According to one of several recent poles, as both men and women mature, their antipathy toward Valentine’s day increases. It is fun as high school kids, but then it becomes an obligatory social burden as they become a part of mainstream society. Although I do not think that Valentine’s Day will disappear from Japanese society, since it has an immense commercial importance as Christmas does for the Japanese (or, in that matter, for the US) economy, I expect there will be further transformation of Valentine’s Day in Japan. Probably in 20 yrs., you may not even recognize Japanese Valentine’s Day as the japanese artsame celebration as we have in the U.S.. Author’s Resource BoxBungo Osawa loves chocolate, especially organic dark chocolate truffles. He is always looking for new organic dark chocolate, and experimenting with new chocolate japanese artrecipes made with raw cacao beans. You can find his favorite organic chocolate truffles at: http://www.GourmetOrganicChocolateTruffle.com.Please also check his Valentines day gift site: http://www.squidoo.com/ValentinesIdeas.Article Should I Depend On Other People̼ Reviews When Selecting Used Japanese Cars To Buy?   Author : Sadayoshi Miyakuni Submitted : 2007-09-28 00:00:00    Word japanese artCount : 515    Popularity:   18 Tags:   used japanese cars, japanese used cars, japanese used cars exporter, japanese used cars for sale japan, japanese used cars dealer   Author RSS Feed It really depends on the person reading the review about used Japanese cars whether he should believe what is said about them. 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