Fragmentation of Hard disk – Disk fragmentation is necessary because while installing or deleting files from the hard drive windows does not always put them back to their place in order to save speed or just because the file value moves up and down openvms. If you do not know what the value is then we must tell you that the value is set depending on the number of times you use a program. If you use a particular program which is important for you more than once the windows will move the program at the top of the hard disk so that the hard disk can load the program faster than the rest such as the beginning of the drive is much faster than the end openvms. Issues related to Virtual Memory – Virtual memory is basically used by windows kernel the operating system or/and multimedia programs like video editors or converters, audio and other demanding programs or applications. As you will not have sufficient memory ever to load all that you want into the RAM openvms, windows will make a new space which can be used in the hard drive like the physical memory so that you can play games while still running other programs in the background. It is just like the RAM but in the hard drive. You should buy more RAM to let windows to utilize a lesser amount of virtual memory or free up some space in the disk as it can be the reason why you are having low virtual memory as the windows allot this memory whenever you restart the computer. So if you have used more space in the disk before restarting windows will use the virtual memory, which is left of in the hard drive openvms. If it is too high you can change the setting back to let the windows taking care of the virtual memory usage. To solve this problem and speed up PC you can manually edit the registry. But you have to be careful while editing. If you accidentally delete a legitimate file the entire system may get freezed. If the hard disk drive is over heated and you have more than one hard disk drive you should leave a space between each of them. Otherwise you may have to buy a heat pipe cooler from a good computer store. Issues related to Registry – When you view, delete cache files or uninstall programs the windows registry will store some information at the will of the application or just because the program was manually removed leaving all information stored into the registry. As a result windows has to bear all these information, which are utterly useless, and makes a PC slower than the normal openvms. This is the next thing you need to ask yourself. Do you have knowledge and information about computers to make you choose one that is right for you? You need to have the right knowledge about computer basics so that you can get the best computer you possibly could and not feel cheated with the price you got it for. Make sure you understand what is a computer processor, RAM, the speed of the graphics, the size of the hard disk and other technical stuff like this before you embark on your quest for a new computer. If you are not very familiar with computer specifics, it is best to get the help of a person who does, openvms preferably a friend or family member. The hard drive is where computer programs and files are stored. It is best to get a bigger and faster hard drive to ensure a better performance from your computer. It is best to get a hard drive with at least 250 GB of memory. After all that, go and visit This is the best to get all your computer needs. This store offers lots of options and the best prices too. Look through Cheap Shopping Center and this might be where you can get the computer that will best suit your needs and your lifestyle.