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As an employment agency catering to both local and international market, dog walker hong kong we often receive inquiries from Western employers who are in need of domestic help from time to time as a result of our internet marketing using Google Adwords campaign. A study has been conducted by Chinese University of Hong Kong on how maids in Hong Kong are treated by their employers. Comparisons between Western and Chinese employers on their treatment of Filipina helpers are done in consideration of four major areas namely atmosphere of work environment, consideration, socio-psychological distance and personal space. But out of curiosity, I usually interview those Filipino maids why they want to work for Western employers more than the Chinese employers in Hong Kong. They said that the former tend to be more understanding and generous in terms of compensation compared with the latter. The study shows that Western employers tend to provide their Filipino maids with easier and more comfortable work environment compared with the Chinese employers. They are more considerate, and are more likely to treat their maids equally and to allow them more personal space dog walker hong kong, thus, giving their helpers more satisfaction in working for them. The data were based on in-depth and structured interviews of Filipino helpers who have served both types of employers. A few Western and Chinese employers were also interviewed. Lastly, in terms of variations in treatment of maids, Western employers are more homogeneous and they tend to concentrate on the positive side. On the other hand, Chinese employers are more diversified. There is no single pattern on how they treat their Filipino maids. This is a basis why Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong prefer Western employers. Madam Tussauds is a name synonymous with wax museums. IT was set up by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. She learnt the art of wax modeling from her mother’s employer Dr. Philippe Curtius. Her first wax figure was a sculpture of Voltaire. She also made models of prominent people in the French Revolution. In order to exhibit her collection she traveled extensively throughout Great Britain and Ireland. She finally settled down in Baker Street in London and opened a Museum there. One of the main attractions of her museum was the Chamber of Horrors. This held wax sculptures of victims of the French Revolution, murderes and other criminals dog walker hong kong. One of the most famous wax museums in the United States used to be the Movieland wax museum. But this was permanently shut down in 2005. However while it functioned it was very popular. It was the largest wax museum in the United States and had nearly 300 wax figures of famous Hollywood movie stars. The costumes of the wax figures were often original ones donated by the stars themselves. This generally gave the originality of the piece and resembled very well to the great personalities dog walker hong kong. Today Madame Tussauds is easily the most famous wax Museum in the world. It has grown to be one of the biggest tourist attractions of London. With its gaining popularity it has expanded with branches in Amsterdam dog walker hong kong, Berlin, Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Shangai and Hollywood. The figures at this world famous wax museum include historical and royal characters, film stars, sports stars and even well known criminals. A wax museum is a collection of life like figures of real people made out of wax. Undoubtedly the most famous wax museum is Madame Tussauds. Other famous wax Museums include the Movieland Wax Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum. The wax models resemble the personalities quite well and it makes even a wild guess difficult when both the real and the model is placed together dog walker hong kong. The longest running wax museum in the United States is undoubtedly the Hollywood Wax Museum. It is located on Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood walk of Fame. This famous wax museum is one of Hollywood’s premiere attractions. It houses life like wax images of silver screen icons in popular roles they played. The Hollywood Wax Museum has branches in Missouri and Tenessee.