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A common home remedy is the daily soaking of the affected nail in a solution that will kill the fungus. Common soaking solutions include dilute chlorine bleach, household vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide or Listerine mouthwash.  There are many different types of treatments for nail fungus and toenail fungus. nail salon hong kong You can use various creams, ointments or solutions and prescribed systemic antifungal medicines which can limit and contain the spread of the disease. In its fully contracted stages of development, nail fungus can take up to a year in a worst case scenario to be properly cured, and the frustrating thing is, it requires attention and sooner rather than later. Nail fungus is not an issue that can simply be ignored, burying your head in the sand will not make the infection go away, or subside…instead it will simply become steadily more painful. So how do you know if you actually have a fungus infection? Well, be on the lookout for any discolouration on your nail, so any unsightly yellow or white spots are a clear sign, and these are usually a pelude of what is to come, as the nails thicken and become brittle and crumble off. All of this may or may not be followed by a nasty odour from the infected area. nail salon hong kong To start get the clippers over the dogs nail and visualize the quick. If the color the the nail is light or white the quick will be pinkish going toward the middle and the back of the nail. If the dog has darker nails then it maybe a little more difficult to see if you can. But start with smaller cuts start from the front of the nail and stop when you think you are getting too close to the quick. nail salon hong kong the bleeding should stop in five minutes. It you cut him and the blood does not stop within five minutes then call your vet. When cutting make sure your cuts are straight across so that you don;t leave jagged edges that can get caught on any carpet of fabrics. If you leave a jiggered edge on the nail your dog can tare his nail and it will start to bleed. nail salon hong kong. If you are tense when you start this your dog will fell your tension and probably be tense himself so do this calmly. Take a few deep breaths to calm down and calm your pet down too. Ok now! You are calm and not tense then take your pet to the area where the work will be done. Make sure you have all the tools you will need. This whole process can take some time to do, may be thirty minutes or so but this depends on how big the dog is and if your dog will sit still long enough. With practice your speed will increase in doing the nail clipping. When you get the nail clippers go and get a good pair not some piece of junk. A good quality pair will last longer and do a better job. Make sure the clippers are sharp and are in good working order. nail salon hong kong If he is large than you might need the help of an other person. Once you are comfortable get your clippers and start to go to work. Another major reason as to why it is imperative that you deal with nail fungus as quickly as possible is that it is highly contagious, meaning that it can and will spread to other toes and digits very easily. There is medication available for fungus infections, however these pose a number of concerns. Such medication tends to be rather costly, but even worse they have a number of side effects which cause damage and strain on vital organs such as kidneys heart and liver. You can see there are various natural and home remedies to try. nail salon hong kong attaching themselves to the keratin cells which make up the nails.