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This software provides you the facility of worksheets which contains information that is previously stored and allows you to see or print out the details about a customer, a product, sales or related to any payment.Our Salon Software has a window based interface that allows you to work more conveniently even if you are new to computers. nail salon hong kong Due to window based interface it also allows you to open many windows at a time. On the left hand side of the main window there is a tree structure that allows you to fast access the various functions of the software. In the salon markting there are different forms for different users with various privileges.Our product is for the hair and beauty industry. nail salon hong kong This salon markting can be used by businesses concerned with managing business operations such as stock control, marketing plan other administration purposes. Whether you are a hairdresser, a beautician, receptionist or a manager, this software is capable to serve your needs. It is available in four editions: Basic, standard, professional and enterprise. This software is the easiest way to make your business more manageable. This software includes all the functions that your business need and you don抰 need any other software for your business.Some must have essentials for your morning routine would be a large round brush to help you smooth your hair as well as a large barrel curling iron to help give that fresh sleek look to you hair and last but not least the shine spray. This can be put on right at the end of your styling so that you can give your finished look some gloss to it.If you want an unbeatable shine but you are out of shine spray, you can take a silk scarf and run it through your hair to give it that extra lift you are looking for. nail salon hong kong There are positively charged particles in the silk which when rubbed over your hair, will transfer, giving your hair that spectacular shine that you see coming out of the salons.Let’s face it, we all want to have that picture perfect hair that the stars have but for the most part that seems impossible unless you just walked right out of the salon. So how do you get salon style hair from home? There are many tips and tricks that you can use to keep your hair looking like you just walked out of the salon without having to spend the money you would at a salon. Below are some of the top tips to keep your hair looking its best, for much less. nail salon hong kong Use a hair smoother. One of the products that salons love to use to give you that fresh, put together look is a smoothing spray. nail salon hong kong This helps to smooth away frizzy or fly away hair so you will have a much smoother appearance. You do not have to go with the expensive salon brands as you can find ones similar right in your local area at such places as the local supermarket or pharmacy in the hair products. If you have the gorgeous curls set in the morning, hoping they will last you all day only to find them flopping round lunch time then you should try carrying a mineral water sprits for your hair. This will help to soften the setting and allow you to scrunch it to perfection again. Once the hair dries it will be reset and will last the rest of the day. If you find that part of your trouble is taming those split ends once your style is all complete then try this simple trick. nail salon hong kong Simply take some hairspray and spray it on a large round brush right before blow drying your ends with the brush. This will allow you to get the hairspray on every angle of the hair which will help to tame it nicely. This way you will have the smooth finish that you want without looking shabby with the frizzes flying away.