Is your home stressing you out? Dun-slope You may to surprised to find out that a cluttered can actually increase your stress levels. So whether you are planning to sell your house or simply want to reorganize your current space, Dun-slope you could benefit from de cluttering your space. Bid farewell to all the extra stuff that has been weighing you down and get ready for a new beginning. Here is how to can begin the process. Dun-slope Get a few boxes or bins and label them either garbage, recycling, donation, or storage. you can start your sort with clothes you have not worn in at least a year and broken items that you have meant to fix for a while. Dun-slope Go back to that both in a year’s time. You may choose to keep it in the garage or attic and while longer or you may realize that you don’t really miss these things and be willing to get rid of them. Dun-slope Another option would be to take pictures of the items that you no longer have a need for but can’t seem to let go. The pictures will allow you to keep a souvenir of the item without cluttering your home. Dun-slope The last thing you want is to be back where you started a year later and have to go through a major sort and de cluttering again. Make a point of putting things away and start filing your papers on a weekly basis. Do not give in to the temptation to put things away later. It’s a slippery slope and you know where that got you in the past! Schedule some time every week to tidy up and organize your things. By doing it in small bits regularly, the clutter will not become overwhelming. Instead of buying yourself “something”, treat yourself to an activity or services. Perhaps you can indulge in a monthly massage, schedule time for a manicure or treat yourself to a movie. You will feel better without adding more clutter to your home. Once you’ve completed all of your homework, picked out your aquarium and all of it s accessories, select a suitable spot in the room. It would be wise not to locate your tank too close to a window. Direct sunlight may induce unwanted algae growth. Also, if there is a draft from the window, this may play havoc on the desired water temperature you ll try to maintain in your aquarium. Decorating your aquarium with an underwater scene can be really cute, or you could go with something that matches your room or a favorite theme. My favorite is the natural look. Earth tone colored rocks and petrified wood pieces. I like to create rock ledges and caves. That sort of thing. But the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind, you can always go back and change, or tweak it later. Plant selection is also up to the individual. In a standard aquarium, I like to use plastic plants simply because they are inexpensive and simple to maintain. In a show tank, or perhaps in a special breeding tank, I will use real plants. A little more work and expense will be involved, and your tank lighting setup becomes much more important. But the extra effort will be worth it. There s nothing prettier than a healthy well planted aquarium, full of lush aquatic foliage. One technique you may want to consider, is to slope everything in your tank forward. From the gravel, to your rocks and plants, make sure the higher or taller items are placed in the rear of the tank. Have the decorations gradually step down in size, as you come forward. Leave a bit of a clearing in the center of the tank, to better observe your finny friends. Never use chemicals or harsh cleaners to clean the decorations. Just rinse well in warm water to remove anything contaminents that might be on the surface. If you are decorating with live plants, make sure you anchor them properly down into the substrate so that you don’t wake up the next morning and find them scattered about.