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How is this bridge tangled? For example, Mr. Li said that when riding a bicycle from Shaanxi Street to Jindun Road, he could not go straight through the street. lightest wheelchair ramp He could only turn right to the direction of Hung Hom Wall, go to the intersection of Cheong Fu Garden at Hung Hom and then ride to the Old South Gate Bridge to cross the street. After crossing the street, I can’t go back to the “distant” Shaanxi Street. I can only turn right and ride to the section of Renmin South Road. This time is a bit far from the destination. He said that there is an 80-year-old man near his home. His legs and feet are inconvenient. He likes to go shopping in a wheelchair, but the wheelchair is not convenient, which brings trouble to the elderly. After graduating from 1979, lightest wheelchair ramp Laden was catching up with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. To this end, he gave up the opportunity to take charge of the family construction company and join the Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan. With the support of the Saudi royal family and the US Central Intelligence Agency, bin Laden made a great contribution to forcing the former Soviet Union to withdraw its troops in 1990. Moreover, the Bin Laden family supported Usa from beginning to end. Ma’s “career”. lightest wheelchair ramp During the Afghan war, his family business provided heavy machinery and equipment to dig trenches for the “jihadists”. Laden fled to Sudan and the family helped him establish a military base there. The list of al-Qaeda’s early sponsors disclosed by Der Spiegel includes both former Saudi cabinet ministers and Middle Eastern bankers and entrepreneurs. Among them, the brothers of Laden account for a considerable proportion. From the time of Laden’s grandfather Muhammad, the Laden family actively contributed to religious affairs. In the late 1970s, his brother Maherus maintained a close relationship with religious fanatics. lightest wheelchair ramp Mahrus used the opportunity to repair the mosque and transfer secret funds to extremist organizations. The bridge at the intersection of South Street, Hung Hom and Jindun Road has received much attention since its inception. The pedestrian bridge connects the three main roads of Shangnan Street, Hongying Wall and Jindun Road. There are 6 light grounding steps, of which the length of the main bridge is the highest in Chengdu. “Although the bridge has been repaired, we feel that the disabled and the elderly are inconvenient to move!” lightest wheelchair ramp Mr. Li said bluntly about the flyover: after the bridge crosses three intersections, some citizens who want to cross the street but are physically inconvenient must get from the place. Going around, and going back to the original place, I have to go back again. “This is really the most tangled route in history. As for the situation reflected by the public, the reporter went to experience yesterday. This new “H+Y” shaped flyover, in which the “H” shaped pedestrian bridge connects the Golden Shield Road. In addition, the flyover crosses the South Street along the south side of Jindun Road, and finally landed on Shangnan Street, lightest wheelchair ramp while the bridge of the Shangnan Street Flyover presents a “Y” shape. The road under the overpass is smooth, the vehicles are galloping, and people on the bridge come and go. Many citizens push bicycles and battery cars up and down. Mr. Du said that the overpass should be repaired. If it is not repaired, the vehicle will travel slowly. However, after repairing the bridge, it is difficult for the disabled and the elderly to climb the bridge. He suggested that there can be direct elevators at the two ends of the flyover (one up and down), and only the elderly, disabled, and riders are allowed to ride. The Chengdu Major Office stated that the traffic situation at the intersection of Jindun Road and Wengwen Road is complicated, and the flow of people and traffic has been very high. This is the main reason for the selection of the bridge.