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During the 7-day National Day holiday, the Guangzhou Metro is expected to reach nearly 6.9 million passengers per day. The peak of passenger flow will appear on the National Day. It is expected that there will be more passengers on the day of shopping and outing, and the passenger flow will reach 8.39 million. lightest wheelchair ramp, the Guangzhou Metro has experienced passenger panic, mainly caused by passengers fainting and abnormal behavior of passengers. At this point, using the help button in the car to report to the driver is the best way to deal with it. The ear-marking of the car for more than ten years has made many passengers well aware of the many facilities on the subway. lightest wheelchair ramp Outside the pit stop, a security guard in black and hand-held security equipment smiled: “Need to check the backpack!” Then I gently scanned the backpack with the instrument. After no abnormalities, the reporter successfully entered the subway. “The security inspection will of course add a procedure, but it is better to conduct security inspections in a unified manner. As long as it is not particularly cumbersome, it is more reassuring to take the subway. lightest wheelchair ramp. After more than 20 years of construction, the Guangzhou Metro has completed the opening of 9 lines of No.1 to No.6, No.8, APM and Guangfo lines, and a total length of 260 kilometers of rail transit network. The mileage of the network is ranked third in the country. The average passenger traffic is 6.59 million passengers, accounting for 40% of the total passenger traffic of the city. The maximum passenger volume per day is 8.61 million passengers, Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Construction Committee officially issued the Reply for the approval of the barrier-free facilities for municipal roads in the central city. To this end, the city will allocate 12 million yuan of special funds to add 23,000 square meters of blind roads; lightest wheelchair ramp at the same time, it will add or improve barrier-free facilities on major commercial streets, bus stops, and sidewalks. He suggested that there can be direct elevators at the two ends of the flyover one up and down, and only the elderly, disabled, and riders are allowed to ride. The Chengdu Major Office stated that the traffic situation at the intersection of Jindun Road and Wengwen Road is complicated, and the flow of people and traffic has been very high. This is the main reason for the selection of the bridge. I have been running underground in this city for 18 years. I run faster than a bus, more than a bus passenger, and there is never a traffic jam. I have gained a lot of praise since I was alive. In the first year, my friends who became close to me only had 100,000 people a day. Now, as I grow up, I have more and more friends. This number has increased by dozens of times. If you mention the meticulous service, I also have a few new tricks: love mommy badge, love medicine box, love seat, love convenience umbrella, lightest wheelchair ramp love through train reservation hotline, love live map, love luggage cart, love sewing kit , set up wheelchair ramps, blind belts, wheelchair tractors, additional passengers at passenger stations, etc. However, it is my biggest regret that I still can’t satisfy every passenger. The reporter walked down the subway channel from Sports West and found that the iron horses that had been diverted from the front had been erected. The frequent visitors entering and leaving the subway seemed to have been accustomed to the peak diversion method, left and right, and orderly. lightest wheelchair ramp At present, 77.2% of the respondents think that the subway congestion during the peak hours is difficult, but at the peak, the reporter still saw a warm scene. On the 1st line, passing through Changshou Road Station, a 60-year-old grandmother took her grandson to the car. She couldn’t squeeze into the subway car. A 30-year-old man immediately reached out to the old lady and then forced it from the crowd. The road stood up and gave the grandmother a seat.