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The next day, he took his mother to the high-tech zone in the west of the city. “Mom looked at the green belt of Tang Yan Road, which is ten meters wide. It is a pity and a waste to use so much to plant trees and plant trees. Our hometown, lightest wheelchair ramp the grain to feed the villagers of the village, I quickly explained that the city now advocates green environmental protection, which is the need to build a modern city, in order to improve the city’s air quality, protect the health of the public, so greening is It’s worth it.” Speaking of this, Song Jiucheng smiled and his mother’s joy and surprise all the way. He looked in his eyes and remembered it. and took a wheelchair from his sister’s house back to Xi’an. lightest wheelchair ramp On the second day, Xi’an was in the wind and sunny days. In the clear skies, Song Jiucheng gave the wheelchair enough gas, and pushed her mother to start the first day of Xi’an walking tour. lightest wheelchair ramp One week later, he pushed the mother in a wheelchair and turned to Qujiang Park, Datang Furong Garden, History Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, West Street, Daming Palace Park and other attractions. I have to walk forty or fifty miles. Two times, Song Jiucheng considered that the mother had not yet taken the Xi’an subway, so I wanted to take her to experience it. Song Jiucheng said that although his mother had been in the subway in Beijing in the first year of the following year, he had never seen a wheelchair and could easily enter and exit the subway station. He had never seen a simple elevator that could only take a wheelchair. It was also very convenient. lightest wheelchair ramp Climb and climb along the side of the stairs. When I got home, my mother called the daughter of Weinan and said, “I am going back to Xi’an to go through the Daguang (Dayu dialect, that is, see the big world). It is very convenient to take the subway in a wheelchair. Enter and exit the station. lightest wheelchair ramp Since I took my mother to visit Xi’an, her appetite has also increased, and the quality of sleep has been good. Usually we are watching TV together at home, and we rarely communicate, but when we go out, mom becomes very cheerful. I’m chatting with me all the way, lightest wheelchair ramp telling the past.” Song Jiucheng said that when the mother saw so many novel things, she sometimes couldn’t help feeling the past days, regretting the age of her life due to various reasons such as the times and economic conditions. I didn’t make my parents happy. Twenty years ago, when his father passed away, Song Jiucheng regretted it. When my father was alive, he was busy with his work and always felt that his father was in good health.