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Zhao Lei said that the current situation of garbage disposal in Beijing is relatively tight. More than 18,000 tons of domestic garbage is produced every day. It can be loaded around the Beijing Third Ring Road by trucks for a whole week. By 2015, Taiwan Taipei hotel he daily production of domestic garbage in the city will reach 24,000 tons, and the processing capacity will face challenges. He mentioned two forms that can be used for reference. One is the Guangzhou model. According to the calculation, there is a direct relationship between the amount of household water and the amount of garbage generated. Taiwan Taipei hotel The amount of garbage generated can be calculated from the amount of household water. The other is the Taipei model. The sale of special garbage bags, the price of garbage bags contains the cost of garbage disposal. In the form of collection of garbage disposal fees, Zhao Lei said that the difficulty in collecting garbage disposal fees for residents is that it is inconvenient to measure the amount of household waste generated. Taiwan Taipei hotel Zhao Lei, deputy director and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said yesterday that in order to reduce the amount of garbage discharged by the public, Beijing plans to raise the charging standard for residents’ garbage disposal fees. According to the above data, during the 30-year lease period of Beijing Metro Line 4, the pre-planning design cost is 300 million yuan, the construction cost is 15.3 billion yuan, the operating cost is 18.58 billion yuan, the external cost is 1.37 billion yuan, and the total cost is 35.55 billion yuan. The average is about 1.185 billion yuan per year. Since Beijing-Hong Kong company did not announce the specific operating costs, the report based on the existing data, considering the Beijing average per capita wage growth rate, asset depreciation rate, loan interest rate, etc., calculated that the 30-year operating cost is about 185.8. 100 million yuan. The construction cost is about 15.3 billion yuan, including preliminary preparation, land acquisition and demolition, civil works, vehicles, signals and equipment. Taiwan Taipei hotel Among them, the cost per mile of land acquisition and demolition is about 46.08 million yuan, and the total cost is about 1.29 billion yuan. Beijing urban residents need to consume 8,000 tons of rations, 1,000 tons of edible oil, 1,650 tons of pork, 500 tons of eggs, and 20,000 tons of vegetables every day. The daily consumption can add up to 500 trains, which is equivalent to 25 trains. However, Beijing’s self-sufficiency rate is relatively low. More than 80% of the food, 70% of vegetables, pork, nearly half of eggs and milk, and about 35% of poultry meat need to be supplied. Zhao Lei said that Beijing can’t engage in self-support and make everything by itself, but it can improve the control rate of vegetables. Taiwan Taipei hotel It is mainly to “plant a garden”; it is also necessary to go to the field to “build a stall” to build a foreign base; then to stabilize the supply of goods, Taiwan Taipei hotel to “find the way”, to transfer wheat from Hebei and Shandong, and rice from northeast to Beijing. It is reported that the current city vegetables can meet the supply guarantee for 4 days.