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The guardian palace apse is also called “Shenong Temple”, and the left and right sides are attached to Confucius and Guan Yunchang. The right side of the temple is dedicated to Baoantang to worship the celebrities of the Qing Dynasty. It also has the Lingbao Hall and the Daxiong Hall, offering Taoist homes. Sanqing and Buddhism Sanbao Buddha. Nearby is a friend who recommended my Taiwan Taipei hotel. There are countless creations in a lifetime, and there is a fairly complete collection of works in the home. In 1966, Mr. Lin returned to Taiwan to settle down. This house was designed by the famous architect Wang Dazhao, combining Chinese courtyard houses with Western aesthetic architecture, blue tile white walls and arches. The location is to choose Yangmingshan, which looks like a mountain view of Fujian’s hometown, because you can hear the friendly Minnan dialect. I once described this house as “there is a garden in the house, there are houses in the garden, there are courtyards in the house, there are trees in the courtyard, Taiwan Taipei hotel there are days in the trees, there are months in the sky, and it is not fast.” The balcony is the place he used to come to during his lifetime; after dinner, he likes to sit on the wicker chair at the table, with a pipe in his mouth, and enjoy the sun shining in the Guanyin Mountain. You can also come here to experience this kind of leisure. The most famous sentence: the speech is like a woman’s skirt, the shorter the better. Such a witty sentence was proposed decades ago and created a precedent in the literary world. Taiwan Taipei hotel Taipei is a cosmopolitan city that has risen in modern times. It has a lot of flavors and food. The braised pork rice is rooted in the water and soil of the two places, and there is also a difference. “Brassed rice”, “broiled rice”, “lu meat rice”, “meat rice”, “chicken rice”… If you want to eat a bowl of braised pork rice, you must first know the braised pork rice family. The internal difference. Taiwan Taipei hotelOn the 2nd floor of 101, there is a convenient hole bridge connecting the LaCrosse Hotel and the World Trade Center; the 4th floor is like a sky garden, surrounded by an open-air cafe, and the Page One International Bookstore, which houses many Chinese and English collections, is provided to the book lovers. There is a wind damper zone on the 88th floor of the 101 building. The damper ball has a diameter of 5.5 meters and weighs 680 tons. When there is strong wind, the damper ball will swing to ensure the safety of the building and can withstand the magnitude 8 earthquake. There are also two of the world’s two fastest constant-pressure elevators in the building, which are directly connected to the 892.2-meter 89-story observation deck at a speed of 1010 meters per minute, and 38 seconds from the first floor to the 89th floor! “Yuan Dian” is one of the most important folk activities of Taiwanese people. Taiwan Taipei hotel In the Arctic Hall in Tainan, Taiwan, a two-month Qing Dynasty ceremony was held. This is a grand event held only 12 years ago. Taiwan Taipei hotel The township folks gathered together and invited all the gods to the temple, praying for peace and security.