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Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you a group of exquisite gold foil manicures. In the spring, many little fairies have begun to regain their vitality. The delicate and high-grade gold foil elements will make the fingertips full of fairy tales, and they will not look fancy. Some simple styles are also very suitable for nail central everyday life~ We can use gold foil to match different styles of nail art, and there will be different temperament~ Of course, the effect is more extra points, like some exquisite Shell manicure, plus gold foil will look more elegant and fashionable, but also some dreamy smudged nails, plus gold foil elements, will also be nail central  more sacred, high-value fingertips will let you harvest good mood, spring is a In the bright season, in fact, the gold foil manicure is not a nail art style, just a nail art element. We add gold foil elements in the nail art, which makes the fingertips look more nail central  advanced, and in many cases, the gold foil is really the whole beauty. The finishing touch will make your nails more bright. The gold foil element is our common nail jewelry, but the gold foil is the supporting role of the nail. It is also often overlooked, the gold foil completes the value of the nail art, and will not be overwhelming, so that the nail art becomes more advanced, not as shiny as a diamond nail, but also has a unique luster, which is also a lot of girls like gold foil nail art One of the reasons oh ~ and the texture of the gold foil is very light, you can change the shape at will, have a strong plasticity, not like the sequins have a fixed shape, added to the nail, greatly increasing the uniqueness of the nail, will let you Nail is more unique. On solid color nails, the use of gold foil is also very wide. The high-finger fingertips will make you feel good in this spring! There are many styles of nail art, full of femininity, cute sweetheart, temperament, and sexy. Different nail color combinations have nail central different fashions. Recently, cute fashion nails are very popular, which makes your girl full. Very energetic, the following small series to share with you the cute manicure, let you go back to nail central kindergarten, the girl’s heart bursts over age. I believe that many people often draw the number and the pattern of the birds in the same year. Putting this on the fingertips also has a flavor. It is very beautiful, does it feel very temperament? Yellow is a very fresh nail central color, yellow and white combined, with the design of omelettes and graffiti, very funny, simple small flower pattern is more cute, super cute manicure, fingertips are very elegant. The moon and the sun are also very nice decorations, black base, decorated with this, it looks very temperament, a low-key beauty, and also very texture, elegant to super exciting. Cute manicure, let you go back to kindergarten, the girl’s heart bursts over age!