nail central務必要體驗的美甲美睫名店

Pure, elegant and stylish nails like Snow White, people will like it at first glance nail central. Pink girls with some nails, a little decoration, will make the nails more flexible and more fashionable nail central. Manicure is about to show your personality, the pattern you like, you can paint on it, love what you love nail central. The bright nails are really beautiful, and there is an elegant beauty in fashion nail central. The pure color of the nail art is always very comfortable, and the bright jewel of the thumb makes the overall sense a lot more fashionable nail central. Simple pink nail art, nice nail central. Gemstone green manicure, a retro feel, accessories are more fashionable, a combination of tradition and modernity. Pure crystal dark blue, feminine sexy nails, and mystery. This kind of big red bright color manicure, how to look good, and cute is pink, is the decoration a cherry? Cute and stylish. The cartoon paradise is a manicure, giving a childlike and lovely manicure world. Solid color manicure, has a princess feel, elegant and stylish beauty. A touch of light that gives you the feeling of always flashing, simple and stylish nail art. The best two dark green nails, a variety of combinations, make the overall look more fashionable and more cute. First ask everyone a question: Do you know why some people have 5 fingers, is the middle finger nail short? Of course, it is for the convenience of doing certain things… For example: doing unspeakable things, wearing beautiful eyes, applying eye cream, applying ointment… Because the nails are too long, the ointment eye cream is easy to be embedded in the nails. It is easy to scratch when rubbing your face, and it is easy to break when you wear it. In this way, the nails seem to be useless except for the inconvenience. Of course not, there are many places where nails are used! For example, scratching the nose, rubbing your nose, rubbing your ears, fighting (killing power, don’t easily imitate)… In addition, many people regard it as a barometer of good health. For example: the more the crescent on the nail, the more healthy the nail has the vertical pattern, which means that the system has a white spot on the nail, indicating that there is zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency… Are these statements true? Today, I will talk to you about these things about nails. It is said that the more the crescent on both hands, the healthier the body, and the worse the body. In reality, however, the number of crescents has nothing to do with physical health! Crescent is the new keratinocyte crescent. The scientific name of the crescent is called a half moon or half moon mark. It is a natural phenomenon formed during the growth of nails. It looks like this: Our nails are actually a pile of dead, hardened and transparent corners. Protein cells. The crescent is the collective of fresh, white keratinocytes. Newborn keratinocytes are white and round. It pushes the previous generation of keratinocytes up, in the process, the previous generation of keratinocytes will be squeezed more and more flat, hardened and transparent, and eventually die. So, we formed our hard and transparent nails. The rate at which keratinocytes are born is the fastest in the middle, slowing down to both sides. But the time they become translucent is the same, so it forms a curved white border, which is the crescent. In other words, the crescent is actually a nail that has not yet become hard and transparent. The whiter crescent is actually the newer nail.