Taiwan Taipei hotel 給您回味無窮的浪漫假期

Located on a small slope in the countryside, Taiwan Taipei hotel has been converted from three homestays. The style is simple and fresh, and it is self-contained with the surrounding scenery. The two buildings include the restaurant on the left side of the ramp and there are 10 rooms. There is no TV in the room, but there is a retro high-quality Marshall sound. The Taiwan Taipei hotel is a relaxing, relaxing holiday. Make a cup of fragrant tea slowly and taste it. Turn over the book and chew it, climb the mountain and listen to the song. In fact, the hotel is also in a prosperous season. Most of the cities in China are in the peak season of 6, 7 and 8. The other time is relatively small, so the friends who traveled during this time did not have much promotion. One after the other will be the focus of the promotion. Welcomed by everyone, it can be said that every Hualien B&B is a theme room. For hotels, because their business needs to have standard industry norms, the styles are mostly unified and formalized, and some are “one-size-fits-all”, but some hotels will also play the “theme” in order to attract residents. There are two main types of Hualien B&B. One is the traditional type of homestay, which uses the house where the owner of the house is living or idle. The arrangement of the house in Hualien is relatively simple. The reason why the homestay is so hot in the past two years is that the main reason for the Taiwan Taipei hotel hotel is that it is the feeling that makes you come home. The decoration of the homestay is mostly simple, which is in line with the aesthetics of a new generation of young people, such as black and white art style, cold and cold. IKEA, Hualien B&B also has a luxurious local style. There is always one for you based on your preferences! Be aware that the soft pack of the property is a very large expense for the property industry and is no worse than the hotel bed you live in. The roof of Taiwan Taipei hotel is covered with a awning that is intentionally lowered to the height of the viewpoint. Below is a hanging curtain formed by a grid outside the glass window. The light and shadow of the enamel are intertwined. Two Taiwan Taipei hotel retreat in the mountains, as if the whole world is yours, enter the cabin along the plank road, wear slippers on both sides of the entrance to wash the makeup, enter the center of the rest space, then push open the glass door, and then out Outside the house. But this time it is completely private terrace in the wild mountain, and there is a vast bathing place. If you are on a business trip, of course you have to choose a hotel. The hotel is more suitable for office, and its quiet environment is more suitable for work. Relatively speaking, Taiwan Taipei hotel may be noisy in the surrounding environment and is not a good choice for work. But if your travel destination is just for travel, then of course you have to choose a homestay.