make your hand look big and strong eternity ring

Avoid wearing it separately or it will make your hand look big and strong eternity ring. In addition to the position to match eternity ring, the two rings should be the same style, such as wearing a three-ring or entangled ring eternity ring, you should avoid the single ring, if One gold and one silver is also good. Avoid wearing a complex or colorful ring. It will be dazzling when worn on your hands eternity ring. It is better to be elegant when worn alone. The meaning of wearing two rings: one is just a decoration, one expresses emotions eternity ring, a woman who gets married usually wears a ring on the ring finger, and a ring on the middle finger is just to express a fashion trend, sometimes It doesn’t make much sense eternity ring. There are also women who wear two rings on the ring finger. This type of ring is usually worn in a crowd of people. Wearing two rings is very important. After the successful marriage proposal, the girls usually wear a ring on the middle finger and the ring finger, and the marriage ring on the middle finger expresses the romance of the marriage proposal, while the ring on the ring finger is worn. It is said that the marriage period of the two has been settled, and marriage is a very quick thing. Wearing two rings is an illusion. Different jewellery designers always have a lot of special ideas. There is a ring design that has an illusion of wearing. It seems that girls wear a lot of rings on their fingers, but actually wear two The ring is an illusion, this is a ring design idea.It will make people question the taste of the wearer; for a girl with delicate fingers, the use of exaggerated rings will not work well, so choose the right ring according to your hand; rough Bohemian The ring has been favored by many people, but now it is considered outdated. So how do you combine multiple rings to add the beauty of your fingers? First, the key to ring folding is to be simple. The foundation is the king. You can choose different shapes when you stack the rings, but you want the whole. If you have a sense of connection, you must wear a uniform element or wear a ring of similar style. “Rock touch” simple light luxury style ring, smooth lines and a wide range of tension, full of tension, a good support for the main ring, at the same time, both rings have diamond inlay, and warm and stylish rose gold, so that the match is more complementary . Secondly, the number of rings is best controlled at 2-5. If there is no end to the addition, it will make people feel confused and difficult to find the key point – to decide whether a person’s taste is good or bad, he can’t understand the choice when he matches, if you don’t understand Trade-offs, even if you follow the same color collocation method, over-emphasizing something that is irrelevant will put a burden on the styling.