showing a slight upward trend japan property agency

The price performance of cultural paper has not been weak, showing a slight upward trend japan property agency. Since January, cultural paper and paper mills have successively issued price increases japan property agency. The prices were basically implemented in the first quarter japan property agency. In April, the traditional peak season entered. The market demand warmed and prices continued to rise japan property agency. Whether it is coated paper or offset paper japan property agency, prices Both have remained relatively stable. Since September, they have switched to the traditional peak season of cultural paper japan property agency. Demand has picked up. Leading companies have seen frequent price increases, and there have been price increases . The direction of the increase is determined, but the magnitude is greater than 17 Much smaller. From the beginning of 2019 to the present, the domestic packaging paper market has shown a trend of rising first, then falling, and then rising. Paper prices in January-February have mainly risen in shocks, mainly because the price of waste paper is rising, and paper companies have risen under the support of costs. After entering March, new capacity has been put into place, and downstream demand has weakened, and paper prices have begun to enter a downward channel. In particular, large-scale paper companies have repeatedly lowered their prices, resulting in insufficient market confidence and the focus of transactions has continued to move downwards. Wrapping paper enters the traditional peak season, and the marginal recovery in demand has led to a rise in paper prices, but the decline in the overall macroeconomic growth rate reflects the weak demand, which is reflected in the weaker price increase. As of November, the containerboard paper rose from 3860 yuan / ton to 4060 RMB / ton, corrugated paper increased from RMB 3,220 / ton to RMB 3,393 / ton. The newly added capacity of cultural paper in 2020 is very small. Sun Paper has a 450,000-ton cultural paper production project in Quzhou Headquarters, and Q4 in 2020. Put into production, the production capacity of packaging paper will be put in more in 2020. The total score of downstream books, periodicals, and newspapers has declined slightly in the past few years, but the basic decline is within 5%. We can basically consider that the demand for cultural paper remains stable. . The downstream demand for packaging paper is mainly related to food and beverage, home appliances, electronics, daily chemicals, express delivery and other industries. Based on the changes in demand growth of each major downstream industry, we judge that the growth rate of demand for boxboard corrugated paper in 20 years will be weaker than in 18 and 19 . Judgment of papermaking sector: opportunity or price of cultural paper in the second half of the year: less supply of cultural paper next year, output: there is not too much capacity to be put into production in the first half of next year, and output should remain stable. Will contribute. Sun Paper’s performance next year is not very flexible.