A 24-year-old guy cannot walk because of a sneeze lightest wheelchair ramp?

A 24-year-old guy cannot walk because of a sneeze lightest wheelchair ramp? This is a real case: Xiao Zhang is 24 years old lightest wheelchair ramp, but this is the age that everyone thinks is young and strong lightest wheelchair ramp, but he is already walking crooked. Now Xiao Zhang is thinking about the sneeze a year ago lightest wheelchair ramp, but he still has a lot of fear lightest wheelchair ramp just remember that because The nose is uncomfortable and sneezes as usual lightest wheelchair ramp, but that sneeze may be relatively large, and the entire waist is bent down. The L4 / 5 intervertebral disc comes out of the four free regions, and the bilateral crypts and foraminal stenosis cause the left nerve The root is compressed and the corresponding spinal canal is narrowed. To put it plainly, that is the lumbar disc herniation! Don’t think that many diseases also expand with the change of people’s lifestyle. For example, because of eating too well, chronic diseases such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia are getting younger and younger. Another example is the disease mentioned today. In addition to the common symptoms of lumbar disc herniation, in addition to common symptoms such as backache and leg pain, some patients also have paresthesias such as coldness in the lower limbs and no sweat. Heavier disease will also be accompanied by muscle atrophy of the lower limbs, the body is already in the process of bearing weight, and the body is in danger. You can’t know which sneeze will become the last straw that crushes the camel. If you don’t want to accompany a wheelchair at a young age, lower back pain is usually dull, tingling or radioactive pain, mainly in the lower waist or lumbosacral region; 60% of patients will have lower extremity radiation when coughing or sneezing Pain (beginning at the hip, radiating to the calf, back of the foot, toes); increase safety-related content of passengers The subway is a large-capacity public transportation means of transportation, with dense staff and closed spaces. When passengers bring electric bicycles, electric skateboards and other electric mobility tools into the station, it is easy to cause smoke, fire, explosion, cause public panic, and even endanger passengers’ personal safety. In order to fully ensure the safe travel of passengers, the new version of the code clearly prohibits passengers from carrying various types of electric mobility tools, while increasing the prohibition that may cause passengers to panic, such as the explicit prohibition of smoking e-cigarettes on the basis of no smoking, to further protect public health. At the same time, in order to create a quiet riding environment, do not make loud noises at the stations or trains, or play sounds outside when playing musical instruments or using electronic equipment.Avoid causing distress to other passengers or causing passenger disputes. If passengers really want to eat due to hurry, hungry and other reasons, they can choose to eat outside the train and try not to affect other people’s environment. In addition, to show concern for special groups, with the help of healthy adults and the help of station staff,