Natasha claimed to be learning ancient Chinese eternity ring.

Natasha claimed to be learning ancient Chinese eternity ring.And said a keyword to summarize her and Xu Yiwan: “Yiqiu’s raccoon dog”, Xu Yiwan was speechless. 2. The development in frustration, the greater the obstruction, the faster the development! Keyword: Abandoned and Ruthless Next, Xu Yiwan ’s mother found that Natasha had a bunch of keys that seemed to be able to open all the doors on this line, and the very alert old lady immediately pulled her son eternity ring into the corridor, Warn him that Natasha is a thief. This immediately inspired Xu Yiwan’s rebellious psychology. He disagreed with the warning, and the two quarreled again. The trick for a love rush is to have external resistance! The romance will only develop if there is a malicious supporting actress, or both eternity ring parents or the heroine who secretly loves the heroine. My mother ate self-heating hot pot in the carriage, Xu Yiwan took the opportunity and suggested to go to the dining car for dinner with the beauty. He was very familiar with Natasha at this time. Not only did he take out his family photos in his wallet and show them eternity ring to Natasha, he also told her that he and his wife were happy. It ’s no more than having dinner with many years old friends! Natasha said another keyword eternity ring to summarize her and Xu Yiwan’s encounter: “Abandoned as a scumbag”, Xu Yiwan very much agreed this time. 3. Formed like a passion, keyword: Yijiang Chunshui, Dongliu, Xu Yiwan, after getting drunk, felt that she wanted to escape from unsatisfactory life, and then his mother jumped out and quarreled with him. Natasha immediately suggested Xu Yiwan to do a “crazy” thing with her. Xu Yiwan is in a fragile and jittery gate, and immediately applauds when he encourages him! Natasha eternity ring took out the key that was seen by Ms. Xu before and opened a door at the rear of the train car, where she took off her engagement ring, and persuaded Xu Yiwan to throw away his marriage. Ring and start a new life. Xu Yiwan’s emotions were high, and the two stared deeply. It seemed that the moment the kiss was about to be kissed, the train crew came to stir up again and pulled them into the car. After a head-to-face training, the two separated temporarily. This relationship developed so quickly, because Natasha lit a fire when Xu Yiwan was most vulnerable, and hit his weakness with a word. The key word is “Yijiang Chunshui flows eastward”. 4. The end of the relationship, keyword: “irresistible external force” Natasha’s destination arrived, after she got off the bus, she found that her ex boyfriend was waiting for herself on the platform, and then just a few sentences to explain and confess the two people Suddenly released the former suspicion, lovingly embraced together. All this was seen by Xu Yiwan through the train window. poor guy! Natasha won’t contact Xu Yiwan anymore.