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Since the founding personal loan hong kong of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, there has been a large number of modern Chinese new vocabulary, including Neologism, buzzwords, exotic new words like; even many years has been the annihilation of the old words are also frequently appeared, to the people, especially the younger generation, a refreshpersonal loan hong kong ing feeling. In the reform and opening up today, since the compilation of dictionaries and other books difficult to catch up with the realitypersonal loan hong kong of life cycle of new words to generate speed, a major problem faced by the majority of English Pok learning is how to put these new words translated into idiomatic English. things abound, such as “material civilization” (material progress), “spiritual civilization” (intelligence and thought development), “Wujiangsimei three love” (5 advocatings, Wujiangsimei three aspects of love), “Pa minute” (Moonlight), “cut (kill) off” (tearal bill of lading original opersonal loan hong kong riginal bill of lading bldg. building building BMP bank master unified policy bank insurance precipitous BN bank note banknote BO branch office branch business offices BO buyer’s option buyerspersonal loan hong kong choose the delivery period of the forward contracts BOM beginning of the beginning of month bom bill of materials bill of materials BOO build-operate-own build – operate – own BOOM build-operate-own-maintain build – operate – own – Maintenance BOOT build-operate-own- transfer b and liabilities Table B / S bill of sales of Sale, shipper B share B share B-share BTT bank telegraphic transfer tax capital transfer tax cu cubic cube CU customs unions customs union cu. cm. cubic centimeter cc cu. in. cubic inch cubic inch cu. m. cubicpersonal loan hong kong meter cubic meter cu. yd. cubic yard cubic yards cum. pref. cumulative preference (share) Cumulative Preference (shares) cur. curr. current month, month CV convertible security convertible bonds CVD countervailing personal loan hong kong duties countervailing duties, anti-dumping onic EBS Electronic Broking Service brokerage services system EBT earning before taxation Profit before tax EC European Community; European Commission of the European Communities, the European Commission EC export credit export credit EC error corrected error correction Ec exempli causa example Ec ex coupon interest-free ticket ECA export credit agency of export credit agencies. ECAFE Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East Asia and the Far Eastern Economic Commission ECE Economic Commission for Europe Economic Commission for Europe ECG Export Credit Guarantee Export Credit Guarantee ECI export credit insuran aspects. English newspapers set the culmination of modern English, such as the president solemn declaration, relaxed chat public, the term of each Pok Division, jargon in various fields, the customs and even the city slang, English newspapers and all-encompassing, thus contributing to the large number of English fans according to their needs and preferences what they want. Understandabopening up today, since the compilation of dictionaries and other books difficult to catch up with the reality of life cycle of ower for personal gain; misuse of power for private interest to trickery furniture corruption reporting centre reporting center be responsible for one ”s own profit and loss-financing jack up price gouging with the inflation factors deducted; inflation adjusted after deducting price factors bureaucrat profiteering; bureaucrat racketeering profiteering single youth above the normal matrimonial age older youth agricultural people to be given non-agricultural status Peasants ————– – English News Lexicon Features (2) the expression ofPok), and so on. In addition, the modern English word to add new meaning old phenomenon are often the first to set a new example in the press and other media in English, later imitated by the people, after reaching a considerable degree of universality, and eventually be absorbed into the dictionary, officially became Modern English vocabulary family, two of. Such as, hawk and dove intent of these two words are “haw