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Registered Address cctv singapore before Zhejiang: One yuan Mao Building Room 903, West Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Legal representative: Lingshun Ping Customer Service Phe: (43) as the world Beijing Sheng Investment Management cctv singaporeLimited Registered Address: Beijing’s Huairou District 03 Room 7 Jiudu town yellow kain Legal representative: Jiang of the customer service ph6 Website:Beijing Heng days Mingze fund sales LIMITED Address: Beijing Economic and Technological cctv singaporeDevelopment Zone Hongda Road on the 10th five-story 2 room Legal representative: Liang Yue Customer Ser cctv singaporevice Websiteoah Masayuki (Shanghai) Investment fund sales consultant LIMITED Address: Feihong Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, Lane 360 ​​rooms on the 9th 4 legal Representative: Wang Jingbo customer service phone: 4Website: / (48 cctv singapore), China International Capital Co., ory agencies. Such as allowing laws or regulatory agencies later this fund invest in other varieties, the fund managers in the performance of due process, may be included in the scope of investment, the investment ratio to follow the then effective laws and regulations. Eight, the Fund’s investment strategy of the fund uses a passive index-based invsh position management, to develop trading strategies to cope with subscription and redemption of the Fund, in order to effectively track the underlying index. ? Other adjustments in accordance with laws, regulations and the fund contract, the constitu cctv singaporeent stocks in the underlying index in the right weight for other special reasons change accordingly, the Fund may be appropriate modifications and adjustments in this part of the stock portfolio, and finally to the tracking error controlled within a certain range. (3) tracking error, tracking deviation control strategy index funds tracking error sources include: alternative investment to the restricted component snd will track the daily deviation of cctv singaporethe fund portfolio with the performance of the index, periodic analyto invest in stock index futures, to effectively control the tracking error. (1) deterluding, but not limited to index construction unit changes, the index was renamed and other matters) the scope of the Fund’s investments and investment strategies, there is no need to convene the fund share holders’ meeting, fund managers and fund trustees should After consensus, China Securities Regulatory Commission filing and timely notice. Ten, wind precipitous return characteristics of the Fund The Fund belongs to the exponential operation of equity funds, which is expected to wind preoes not hold in this reporting period to actively invest in stocks. 3, the reporting period accounted for at fair value ratio of net assets of the Fund’s top ten in descending order stock investment details of the reporting period 3.1 index investment accounted for at fair value ratio of net assets of the Fund’s top ten in descending order stock investment details 25CCB launched CCTV Financial 50 Index classification type securities investment fund prospectuses (update) Summary of total fund assets, the amount of code sequence stocks were shares (shares) Fair value (dollars) net proportion k renewal costs and other fa cctv singaporectors to determine the most favorable combination of opening contract or contracts. (3) determine the optimal hedge ratio futures position of the Fund will be determined by the futures position optimal hedge ratio to β coefficients of the current difference between the futures and the underlying index portfolio between target portfolio as the most according to excellent hedge ratio. (4) Construction and adjust the calculation of the optimal initial hedge portfolio hedging ratio, the Fund will convert it to a specific number of futures contracts, calculated after the number of contracts, the Fund accor cctv singaporeding to the selected stock index futures contract opened Construction of the warehouse species hedging portfolio. Extension (5) the contract when the underlying index futures, there are two an