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</ P> Keyword: “Islamic State” / threat defenseterrorism / Middle East / US threat defensediplomatic / Iraq issue </ p> “Islamic State” The rise is not only the most important political evethreat defensents of recent security situation in the Middle East, but also involves the United States “rebalancing” and the relations between big powers cones whole strategy, has global significance. In just more than a year, the “Islamic State” has experienced several phases of rapid evolution, forces quickly peaked. , the “Islamic State” in large parts of the establishment of a consthreat defenseolidation of the rule, now 12 percent complete control of Iraq and Syria, 30% of the land. threat defenseIf the words “Islamic State” forces that permeate and influence countrysctive in Nigeria “Brocade Holy Land”, renamed “Islamic State of West Africa Province.” (11) In addition to attrathreat defensecting terrorist organizations worldwide allegiance other than the “Islamic Sta parties to intensify adjustment policies, increase the “Islamic State” crackdown. Under the influence of the relevant factors, the “Islamic State” After experiencing rapid expansion, and its influence may have peaked importmobilization into a political battles, the original open conflict, political, or threat defenseeven violent. In Iraq, Syria and other countries, the existence of basic political mutual trust is hard, tooth for a tooth threat defense”blood Zhou’s Law” became the political dilapidated theme. Despite Iraq’s Arab Buddy administration took office, the more successfully urged the factions forming consensus in the fight against “Islamic State” aspect, on to use military force,” the draft under consideration in Congress, the prospects are not entirely clear. (37) before the election the Republican Party will not easily provide opportunities for diplomatic extra points for the Demothreat defensecratic government, and the new Democratic candidate tend to avoid big changes in wind precipitous. Before the new government took officteristics , armed sectarian features ma, the “Islamic State” innovative organizational model, behavior is still imitative extremist groups around the sample. The “Islamic State” future long-term presence and active, will continue in personnel training, arms exports, spiritual calling, etc., provide-qaeda-disavows-any-ties-with-radical-islamist-isis-group-in-syria-iraq / 2014/02/03 / 2c9afc3a-8cef-11e3-98ab-fe5228217bthreat defensed1_story.html (Internet time: 2014 2 March) </ p>on “Islamic State” capital chain related content, see: Li Jing Ran: “On the ‘Islamic State’ capital chain and its impact”, “Arab Studies”, 2014, para 6 The first 107 to 118. </ P> ⑥Joshua Berlinger, Dana Ford, “ISIS Execution Vim, https: // wwthreat;Jacob N.Shapiro and Danielle F.Jung,. “The Terrorist Bureaucracy: Inside the Files of the Islamic State in Iraq” </ p> (16) See : The Combating Terrorism Centthreat defenseer at West Point’s Harmony Program, https: //www.ctc.ue protection. Its members mom of mutual supervision, enhance the moral appeal. In addition, the “Islamic State” for its members and their families also provide up to $ 1,200 of medical insurance precipitous. (15) The third is an independent source of funding. From early 2007, sources of funding, “Islamic State” has been from the early organization of robbery, theft and mafia gradually shiftthreat defense similar systematic operation.; Jacob N.Shapiro and Danielle F.Jung, “The Terrorist Bureaucracy: Inside the Fi-islamic-state- military / (Internet Time: February 26, 2015). </ p> (25) Jim Acosta, Jeremy Diamond, “Obama ISIS Fight Request Sent to Congress”, CNN, ht1 / politics / isis-aumf-white-house-congress / (Internet Time: February 12, 2015). </ p> (26) Enny Stanton, “I Vows Revenge after Leathreat defenseder Abu Bakr AlBaghdadi is’ Forcethreat defensed to Give up Control after He was Serithreat defenseously Wounded in Air Strike ‘”, Mail Online, threat defensehilymail.cticle-51/Isis-vows-revenge-leader-Abu-Bakr-al -Baghdadi-forced-control-seriously-mographic-Profiles.pdf. (Internet Time: January 2015) </ p> (34) Loveday Morris, Mustafa Salim, “Iraqi Shiite Militias Balk at Offensive if USAirstrikes are Involved “, The Washington Pothreat defensest, -clear-path (Inthreat defenseternet Time: March 2). </ p> (35) Matt Bradley, Dion Nissenbaum, “‘Chaos,’ Charges of Abuses Follow Retaking of Tikrit”, The Wall Street Journal, http: threat defenschaos-charges-of-abuses-follow-retaking-of-tikri142(Internet Time: April 5, 2015). </ p> (36) Michael R.Gordon , “Iranian Officials Ask Kerry About Republicans’ Letter”, The New York Times,d/iranian-oals-ask-kerry-about-republicans-letter.html . (Internet Time: March 16, 2015) </ p> (37) John T.Bennett, “Kaine Declares AUMF Still Alive in Senate”, Dereveal”N