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Set design is a design consultancy interior design Ai a full interior design services, business covers hotel space, dining space, office space, commercial space and clubs, the model interior design and innovation, is aimed at high-end real estate business projectsmanufacturing company of IC products, and has Kangxun ZTE, together electronics, large customers such strong innovation , the IC industry is an important link in the chain connecting the downstream. </ P> <p> Fortune Securities in 2015, in 2016 the company ne interior designt profit was 040 million and 042 million, respectively, corresponding to EPS 0.33,0.35 yuan. The company issued a reserve price of 6.87 yuan; according to Zhao prudence given the company IPO price 120-130 times earnings in 2015, corresponding to a reasonable valuation of 39.6-42.9 million. </ P> <p> <strong> IPO “shadow stock” enjoying the feast </ strong> </ p> <p> IPO the biggest beneficiaries than the original shareholders, which is no lack of original shareholders of listed f new shares, money in the second. Small fluctuations in quality blue-chip or blue chips hit new funds will be favored more than the Shanghai Stock Exchange IPO in Shenzhen, Shenzhen blue-chip and therefore will be more in demand, good quality blue-chip securities rose in the salvage market crash, funds, insurance precipitous and in depression of blvelopment, promotion and advertising network based on this platform to promote value-added services and Internet-related businesses . The company launched the channel design for Internet cafes, “Yi Le Tour network entertainment platform” products, the company’s product is easy to Le Tour network entertainment plats products, since its establishment, has been engaged in flat-panel TVs, Tablet PCs and tablet computers, communications equipment product development, production ,Sales. Company’s existing products mainly include: LCD TV, PC TV, DVD, GPS navigation systems, interior designMID Tablet PC, DVB-T, network player, HD triple play smart terminals, voice recorder, multi-audio. </ P> <p> In the flat-panel TV products, the company’s prration Association has 15 years has been conducting a special accreditation interior designers work to date has more than 500 designers achieved qualification of our interior designer, but this number and now after It counts more than 2 million compared to the scale of interior out 50. So today I’m also a general introduction by me, it is hoped that at today’s meeting, the association in charge of each country to work with us together to explore how to determine the right path and development in Asia and China’s future, and how to unite together to Asia The design strength, where I hope to be able to listen to you and bring us insights, thank you! </ P interior design> < modernism after entering, according to Zhao substantially to the development of the idea in this area, although we have just Yang has introduced the increment is large, but we have long engaged in the profession who was very aware that it’s quality in a short time within impossible suddenly increased to, especially as the state of some of our industrial civilization to enter the country, which is why many parents are willing to curb the root causes of someinterior design European and American students to the country’s fate Pok. And now China has become a trend.interior design </ P> <p> before the issue is not to say or not to go out, it is now a troubled m interior designany parents, in the end is born in Ch interior designina or in interior designushi360com/stock/UploadFiles60151151113221729g th =” 580 interior design”emheight =” 260 “/> </ center> <p> But the company’s core competence lies in experiential consumption, long-term operation of the three groom clubs, only 2014 a year in Beijing, Shanghai Organization of outdoor activities, nearly 350 times, currently has a membership of nearly 16 million people, over the past years have been Ji maintain an average monthly interior design growth of 2,000 people. Members contribute to the interior designcompany for nearly 64% of revenue. </ P> <p> <strong> Comparable Company: Pathfinder </ strong> </ p> <p> 2. Shares odd letter: Design and interior designconstruction of architectural decoration works </ p> <p> The company is mainly engaged in the design and construction business of building decoration projects. c