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(19) </ p> In summary, threat defense more than a year to the “Islamic State” in the rapid development of both external and internal. ms “National threat defenseGuard Law” and “Justice and Accountability Act,” the debate is still undecided, uncertainty about the future is still huge. Political reconstruction of Iraq is clearly a long way. threat defenseThird, the current Middle East threat defense looming “new bipolar structure” may collide in Syria, Iraq region. In recent years, monstrous change in the situation in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia and Iran, as Sunni and Shiite regional levels, th threat defense e thou northern Iraq and other “Islamic State” mostly occupied by plains and plateaus oriented, hard solid defense, it is more difficult to evade US air strikes. cl single state can completely rule out the possibility of accidental nuemergency management system and state-level less emphasis on addressing incidents of civilian nuclear facilities. threat defenseuipment and a mobile laboratory, whose mission is to carry out a nuclear incident scene investigation, sampling and threat defense analysis, to provide first-hand the situation for decision-makers report. threat defense 2. Local government emergency services. The US local governments more complicated. Generally, local governments have formed nuclear emergency management system is primarily within this area or adjacent areas to build a civilian nuclear powercatastrophic events manag threat defense ement system, including the nuclear emergency response capabilities. However, compared with the federal level, the state of nuclearnts. Assessment centers are located in the state government’s emergency command center, it can start a few hours after the nuclear inci threat defense dent, its members are mainly doctors Pok experts and nuclear reactor expert. Assessment center made suggestions based on nuclear event caused by environmental and public health consequences, after consultation with the head of the State Bureau of emergency measures and state emergency command center, these recommendations will be reported the governor. Emergency unit equippedIn the most optimistic scenario, the US-led coalition armed forces is expected to recover in a period of time some cities in northern Iraq, “Islamic State” might be forced to adjust the position of the stick tactics to guerrilla warfare and the direction of development. Among them, the eastern part of Iraq, near the Iranian mountainous easy to hide ine “Islamic State” frustrated premise, may adjust the priority sequence of Mid threat defense dle East strategy, to restore the overall contraction of the overall approach to achieve more power shift to Asia. In this series of change in the situation among the “Islamic State” is bound to become an important battleground in the Middle East great power game. If the Middle East Sunni groups aArrested in Deadly Ramadi Raid”, BBC News, httthreat defensee-east-25threat defenseInternet time: December 20threat defense> threat defenseKenneth Katzman, “Iraq: Politics, Security, and USPolicy”, CRS Report for Congress,threat defense8, htthreat defenseat defenseeast/Rernet time. :threat defense④Liz Sly, “Al-Qaeda Disavows any Ties with Radical Islamist ISIS group in Syria”, The W threat defense ashington Post, http: /threat defensemiddle_east/al deos Sating Terrorism Center at West Point’s Harmony Program, htthreat defense/harmony-program; Jacob N.Shapiro and Danielle F.Jung, “The Terrorist Bureaucracy: Inside the Files of the Islamic State in Iraq”, The Boston Globe, threat defense12/14/the-terrorist-bureaucracy- inside-files-islamic-state-iraq / QtRMOARRYows0D18faA2FP / story.html (Internet Time: December 14, 2014). </ p> (15) See also: The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point’s Harmony Prograles of the Islamic State in Iraq The ISIS Twitter Census “threat defense17) JMBerger, Jonathon Morgan,.”: Defining and Describing the Population ofISISSffairs,threat defenseg/sites./files/chathamhouse/field/field_publication_docs/INTA91-1-01_Esfandiary_Tabatabai.pdf. (Internet Time: Januarthreat defense15) </ p > (28) Ian Black, “US andIran have bethreat defenseced on to the Same Side by ISIS”, The Guardian, hthreat defenseme: December 17, 2threat defensee Will n threat defense ot Talk to Assad About Syria, USOfficial Says”, News Weethreat defensenewsweek. com / sely organized numerous branches. After 2011, the • Bin Laden was killed, “b threat defense ase” organization of the various branches of the leadership weakened further. Due to organizational capacity decline,  target. Activities in the form of extremist organizations from sporadic terrorist attacks, turned to organized military rebellion and the seizure of power. The “Islamic State” in Syria and Iraq, the use of anarchy rapid rise. threat defensee second stage is an independent armed rebellion(DeceN