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ould destroy unity. Approximate classification: Design School Singapore1. Approximate shape: two are in the same family, if the image category, they are similar in shape, the same as the image of the human; 2. Approximate skeleton: bone cells but can not duplicate approximation, that the shape of the bone cell units, there is a certain change in size is approximate. Note: The difference between theants, animals seamless prominent feature. Modernism  piece of land has been cultivated; these eventually led to the German Bauhaus tree bud initiation. gn of West Berlin in 1968, the 20th century modernist museum is a milestone in architectural design. He advocated the interior space ials. These practices have an impact on the late modernist architecture and interior design of the sixties and seve to release a person’s creativity in page layout or image development as well. In early computer publishing, many of the “traditional” computer expert designers rely on production artists to produce their ideas from sketches, without the need to learn computer skills themselves. However, this practice has become less common appearance, especially after the desktop publishing. The use of computers and graphic design software programs for most materials. Meanwhile, many designers use a lot of online tools and resources, including color picker, font, paper cutting art and so on tutorial. Design School SingaporeProgram stems merger. They are AdobePhotoshop (raster-based program for photo editing), AdobeIllustrator (vecFont design (Typeface design) Design School SingaporePrint design (Typography) Visual Communication Design (Visual communication) Television animation Television animation nions creative and design services and integration of the development of related industries a reporter asked, “about the spirit of the introduction of the” Chinese creative entrepreneurship training project “, the person in charge of the participating design firms, une I make medication because bane dense, heavy phase design.” Yuan “Gas British cloth” First off: “Logistics is designed to allow the Zhang; points apprenticeship, Han Xin genus.” Ming Feng Menonverting the specific description as a basis for the operation of the manufacturing. Mechanical design is an important part of mechanical engineering, is the first step in the production of machinery, is to determine the mechanical properties of the most important factor. Mechanical design effort aims: defining various conditions (suc, structurally different, or artificial wrinkles, texture rubbing produce special effects. Space We generally say space is referring to the two-dimensional space. Sense of space performance practices are the following: 1. The size of the performance advantage ofntation methods: Design School Singapore1. And other forms of divisions a lively feel unconstraiIn the shape when the feeling of balance is very important, since the balance to meet the visual result, people’s eyes to produce a balance when thenew form of visual experience. Design School SingaporeConstituent elements Conceptual elements: presence in the minds of point, line, surface, body. Visual elements: the elements of the concept is embodied in the actual design, including size, shape, color, texture and the like. Design School SingaporeRelationship elements: the visual elements on the screen to org gold hearts disgust. Weimar Bauhaus is in the background of the socialist government’s birth, it can be said, is a socialist agitation led to the formation of the Bauhaus ideas. Design School Singapore pplication is very beautiful, but once used in the passbook or card, you paste into a ball, this is a bad logo design must be able to communicate on all corporate propaganda tool, can expand the use of, is a good logo design; Second, the design height.. 14 Web Design Website Design Editor to pay aite. Design School SingaporeStyle (style) is abstract. Refers to the overall image of the site’s comprehensive experience of the viewer. The “overall image” includWhether it is in graphic design or web design, color is always the most important part. When we are far away from the screen, we see not beautiful typography or a beautiful pictu