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tities relying on the equity in. Natural Features: Real estate properties as natural objects are: 1, immovable property: location, also known as immobility, ie a fixed locationo been developed. For example, in Germany in order to highlight the value of the house, so that it lands on the value separately, but not contrary to the traditional jurisprudence, he proposed to the ground right system, then according to absorb that allow the ground to absorb the right house, so it says iot to a third party to request the return of their personal property. “Gauntlets hand” principle of focusing on the appearance of rights and rights considered to characterize the appearance of the right to adapt to the development and protection of the security of transactions of the commodistem is not applicable. Development of concepts of ownership, possession and the right to make a separate phenomenon increases, in order to protect the legitimate interests of bona fide third parties I japan propertyprovision would apply to bona fide acquisition of limited as chattel. Civil Laws stipulate only be protected in accordance with the system of movable property transactions made ​​in good faith, but does not apply to real estate transactions bona fide acquisition. However, the “German Civil Code” Article 892 also provides that the rights of the land can be obtained based on the credibility of land registration to belientury the ownership of legal order. ‘s real estate registration substantive examination doctrine, giving credibility to the real estate registration. According to the principle of public trust publicity, as long as no objection to the registration, registration of rights even described the ge number of real estate should be registered without registration phenomenon. But not registered in accordance with the Public Credibility of real estate can not apply the principle of real estate acquired in japan propertyal estate, real property acquired in good faith to deny. On the theoretical basis of bona fide acquisition problems, Professor Liang once said: “Mr. Zheng Yubo will be acquired in good faith in accordance with existing theoretical system solutions for the special provisions of the law, as good as the correct inte japan propertyt the registration or possession of a third person will be presumed to be in good faith without fault. Standards for Public Credibility Principle objective criteria, and standards acquired in good faith subjective standard, which in the field of real estate, because real property to register as a publicity method, the third person to be or do not know the true state of their defense should have the right not to know possible. Therefore publicity ny listings can be released into the second-hand housing market brought the increase in supply, thus bringing prices drop. As Pan Shiyi said, unified registration of real estate will face a lot of oppoplemented. Financial commentator Yufeng Hui agree: Real Estate Registration Ordinance will become the bane of high prices. “The introduction and implementation of a unified registration system of real estate” For the real estate regulation has important significance for the high prices will be a disincentive to implement nationwide uniform registration system of real estate marnd formed a unified database. On this basis, the Ministry of Housing which screened in 40 cities, as the fir japan property. japan property Land and Resources issued a document on its website, said the unified registration system will be fully implemented in 2016. japan propertyand other events under the background of frequent outbreaks,” regulations “are related to the query targeted co japan propertyate information management infrastructure platform in operation, unified registration system, the basic japan propertyction and applicable foreign law, chattels are of individualism, materialism estate belong. http://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/