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Always have skin care on mind, nail salon central whether you are buying products for make up or actually applying them onto your skin after you have bought them. So what you are buying is a ?make up and skin care? product, not just a make up product. Check the ingredients to see if it contains things that you might be allergic to. Also check if it contains high concentration chemicals that can harm your skin. Keep track of expiry date on your make up products and never use them beyond the expiry date. In fact some products (e.g. vitamin C based products), if not stored properly, get spoilt much earlier than the expiry date.  nail salon central Cleanliness is an important part of make up and skin care procedure. Sharpen your eye-liners regularly and keep all your makeup equipment clean at all times. You might fix a date, each month, nail salon central for overhauling of your equipment. As part of cleanliness, your make up and skin care procedure should also include keeping your hair clean at all times. If you have deep-set eyes, you should use a liquid eye liner instead of a pencil one. This will prevent smudging at the deep edges of your eye-lid. Nail care is another important aspect of make up and skin care. Use a good quality nail polish and always keep your nails clean. nail salon central Once you are done with cleaning and polishing your nails, you should rub in cuticle oil at the edges of the nail.  If you have a skin disorder e.g. acne, you should not apply heavy or chemical based make up. Consult your dermatologist if you are not sure about the make up products that you can use while you have acne or other skin disorder. Never try to squeeze pimples/ acne. Remember that make up and skin care should not conflict each other. As your tween approaches young adulthood, thoughts of dress up, playing with dolls, and hosting tea parties for her teddy bears turns to thoughts of boys, looking good, boys, make up, boys, eating right and looking good, and of course, boys. So in keeping with what floats her boat, why not host a Make Over Party. Start the Make nail salon central Over Party excitement with fun invitations. Use card stock to create invitations in over sized shape of lipsticks or pressed powder compacts. Write all the party details on one side. Decorate the other side with glitter or glue on gems. First of all, you will want to set the stage and turn your home into a salon. Cover the front door with pink butcher paper and give your salon a name. You can use your daughter s name, e.g., Welcome to Sherry s Salon or come up with a catchy name and put something like, nail salon central Welcome to Serenity Salon. Start out by giving all the girls a facial. This may be accomplished in one of several ways. You could enlist the assistance of some of your friends or older teens so you ultimately have as many helpers as you do guests. This way everyone shall receive their facial simultaneously. Another option is to break everyone into pairs and have them give each other facials. Or you could contact a beauty school and hire up and coming estheticians to give the facials.To create a serene, spa atmosphere intertwine white Christmas lights throughout tall potted plants and trees. Hang white nets of lights on the walls and cover with sheer white or pink fabrics. Use lighted, scented candles in decorative holders throughout the room. Have baskets containing chilled, bottled water. Also, provide magazines and hand lotion at various locations throughout your salon. Everyone knows someone who sells Mary Kay, Avon, or Arbonne. See if you can t work something out with one of them in which they help you by hosting make up lessons for your guests, along with providing the various items needed, and in exchange, you host a party for them.