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If you have kids, it can make them interested in different kinds of cooking by involving them into the whole process. In recent years there has been an enormous growth in both the adoption of Project Management and the numbers of professional project managers in China. chinese lesson Singapore Part of this growth has been from within strong project management focused companies, such as the Yunnan Corporation for International Techno-Economic Cooperation. chinese lesson Singapore The accelerating growth of Project Management Professionals in Asia, and particularly in China, has been recognised by the American-based PMI, by the creation of an all-Chinese PMI Web Site, and an Asia Pacific branch of PMI in Singapore. chinese lesson Singapore The phenomenon is referred to locally in China as “Dumb English”. Essentially it means that many very intelligent Chinese people — who can read, write and comprehend the English language well — perform poorly in speaking English. While there are shortcoming of the rote system, chinese lesson Singapore at least it is enables a Chinese student to accept their success or failure as a personal success or failure because of their belief that the degree of success comes from their own level of effort, chinese lesson Singapore and this encourages them to work harder and harder, rather than an relying on accident of birth. To understand the background to Chinese learning even deeper, one must consider how written language is learned as an infant. In the West, chinese lesson Singapore children are taught letters and syllables and their corresponding sounds, and from these “building blocks” children can build complicated words. So the only way to read Chinese is through rote learning. As this is how Chinese children start off their life in learning, then it helps set a pattern for learning throughout life. The result is that many Chinese students do not develop proficiency in speaking in English. Unfortunately when Chinese nationals travel to English-speaking countries on business, to study, or to work, then their lack of ability to speak English can give the impression of a lower intelligence. The problem is not easily addressed, for two reasons. Firstly, learning patterns tend to be set early in life, as indeed is the ability to assimilate and synthesize language, and secondly because the student, now an adult, can feel embarrassed in its use, through lack of practice in the formative years. Those who are familiar with Western cultures know how many things are treated as taboo. Superstitious people will go to any length to avoid certain things that their culture considers as harbingers of bad luck. It is the same all over the world. You will be amazed, if you are a European, to know that the Chinese consider the number 13 as lucky. It is widely known that Europeans treat Fridays and the number 13 as accursed, and if these two happen to come together like `Friday the 13th’ it is treated as a very bad omen. Do you recall the date of opening of the Beijing Olympics? It was on the 8th of August 2008. If you thing that this was just a fluke and has nothing to do with the Chinese culture and its affection for certain numbers, you should check out the inauguration time of the Beijing Olympics. It was inaugurated at 8:08pm. The number 8 is pronounced as , which is how words like fortune and prosperity sound in the Chinese language. But what about number 13 which is considered unlucky by Europeans and why do the Chinese consider it as lucky? The number “1” when put in the “tens” sounds like which means definite in Mandarin. Tea is also a natural beverage. The Chinese weight loss teas are produced based on the belief that the caffeine in tea increases body function to help burn more calories. The tea also contains polyphenols, which helps with the digestion of fat, thus making Chinese tea good helpful for losing weight. Chinese teas may help lower and maintain your cholesterol levels.