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Pink, which has not been rejected, has come to the top three in the color of this manicure this summer. Choose a favorite nail sticker that you can use when you don’t want to apply nail polish. It is quick and easy, and the most important thing is neat. nail central Beautiful! It seems that the power of the power prefers the solid color, whether it is black or red, it is full! Come and study 15 summer nail art patterns today, let you start from the fingertips beautiful! Different from other decorative base oils, it is a transparent matte nail polish! Whether it’s applied to the nail or superimposed on other colors, it’s very beautiful! And the texture of the matte is high!In addition to the bright pink above, nail central there is also a mix of light pink snow + solid color. However, there is no choice of white or other light colors to match it. On the contrary, black and metallic colors, dark light colors and metallic colors are selected, which not only visually brighten, but also make the overall style feel full. New ideas.Compared with the previous blingbling, it is more elegant, pure transparent bottom and white snowflake. In fact, when I saw this manicure, I thought that Barbie imagined Princess Princess, who wore a long white dress and danced. nail central A broken diamond distributed at the fingertips, flashing like a starlight at night. The pattern of the snowflake is also exquisite, and the quiet and elegant painter can feel the meticulousness of the manicurist in minutes. The lavender manicure at the wedding, with a layered cool knuckle ring and earrings, reveals a simple manicure. South Korean singer Park Ji-hyun is a light-yellow knit sweater with the most popular cherry-dyed lip gloss of this season and a cool blue manicure that highlights the whiteness of the skin, showing a sweet and stylish personality. In the sunny spring, it is especially suitable for the combination of bright colors and colorful nails in the outdoor activities. nail central Such as bright red, pink, orange and so on is the most popular color of the season, colorful lips make the makeup look seamless, more highlights the sexy woman charm. Japanese Style can be said to be the most gentle and warm in the nails. The layered color matching with chemical simple snowflakes, hehe! It doesn’t look like it’s warm! Snowflake nails can not only be colorful and colorful, but also can be made with “clear snowflakes” and blingbling glitter powder to make a beautiful princess series. This is a simple red match, which is a simple red bottom + white snow pattern. Because the simple red and white match is very good, and the exquisite snow pattern is so natural. The pink manicure has always been the highest voice of the girls! In the hearts of the girls, there is nothing more than a pink little thing that makes a girl burst, so a pink manicure can always have a girl heart! When Barba started to use it, it was amazing! It is worthy of the 2017 limited edition, nail central not only the uniform color and the lightness, but also the superimposed coating will not cover the other nail polish color very dim. The black sequins collection from Eti House is perfect for a white snowflake pattern and is printed on the nails! And its small sequins are very delicate and don’t feel very rough at all. The color of ice cream must be the best choice for summer. nail central The combination of the four ice cream colors will have the feeling of cool summer ice in the summer. The light colors are also very good with the summer clothes. Don’t miss the little fresh girl. ! Gradient colors are also very popular this summer, and the contrast of the contrast color is more conspicuous. It is not necessary to choose the abrupt color, but this faint water color is more suitable for this refreshing summer.