culture of jewelry eternity ring

We continue to combine the jewelry artifacts in the museum to talk about the connotation and culture of jewelry eternity ring. One-third of the diamonds are a big scam? In the private sector, there is always such a statement: “Diamond is carbon, worthless, and the diamond ring is a big scam.” This statement seems to be very marketable, just like “Hamburger is not a meat clip”. It sounds quite like reason. There is no diamond, no porcelain. The diamond here is the same ingredient as the diamond, and the common point is carbon. Can the drill hereeternity ring, and the diamond in the jewelry, be the same concept? Drilling and carbon and the diamonds in the jewelry, are you sure that it is really the same thing? Jewelry and diamonds are characterized by its magnificence, scarcity and popularity. The diamond drill bit has only one indicator of the hardness of the drill. There is no comparability between the two eternity ring. And the design of each piece of jewelry is the most valuable part of the original stone value. Therefore, jewelry is a category of art. Therefore, all the behaviors that narrow the connotation of jewellery are not stupid, or the beauty of jewellery is not deeply understood. 2/3 gemstone romance and rationality? In addition to romance eternity ring, you may also see a rational presentation. Museum Collection: Jewelry Spiral This is one of the most fascinating and signature exhibits in the museum. It was a poet from the Victorian era who was donated to the museum. His friend’s name is more famous, that is eternity ring, the great writer who wrote The Great Future. 183 different gems, in the order of hardness from hard to soft, from the arrow to the clockwise spiral, the innermost side of the diamond is the outermost pearl. This is not just a glorious galaxy built with gems eternity ring, it gives people an endless romantic feeling, and it also has the role of popular science, which is the influence of rationalism enlightenment. When it comes to the rationality of gems, I have to talk about how different ways of looking at the East and the West are faced with different jade. Emerald necklace. If the gems that the West loves are emeralds, then the Orientals are more obsessed with another green jade: jade. For the Orientals, especially our Chinese, jade is endowed with a lot of humanistic emotions. This is different from the West. In their eyes, jade, including jade, is just a kind of stone. Love jade jewelry. It is possible to push the jewel of jade to the ultimate person, wearing a traditional hairpin and wearing a black cheongsam. When the once-influenced woman appeared in front of many guests and the media, people were shocked and saw her. Wearing a full set of jade jewelry: jade earrings, jade beads, jade bracelets, emerald rings.For example, these jewels are behind celebrities and their legendary stories. These jewels are related to the individual, not only because it is closest to the skin, but also because the jewellery is mostly custom-made, so it quickly becomes a personal item bearing memories and feelings.