From May 15th lightest wheelchair ramp

From May 15th lightest wheelchair ramp, the Guangxi Public Security Bureau launched a one-and-a-half-month rigorous rectification of motorcycles and electric bicycles. Serious road traffic violations “Hurricane Action” first came back to the previous issue of the Nanning “Hurricane Action”! Strictly check motorcycles and eDonkeys, focus on investigating time and road sections… “Hurricane Action” is on the line! This time, people in Guangxi will be severely punished for driving motorcycles! Taking Nanning as an example lightest wheelchair ramp, only less than one week from May 15 to 20, the traffic police in Nanning seized more than 700 illegal acts of electric vehicles. Yesterday, the news that “electric vehicles were over 12 years old was violated” was even more triggered lightest wheelchair ramp. Hot discussion on the microblogging hot search, in fact, strictly check these behaviors for everyone’s safety, then how to carry electric bicycles legally carrying talents legal compliance? “Electricity” manned in three cases lightest wheelchair ramp, the daily newspaper, this will take you back to review. It is legal for a driver to carry one person (12 years old or younger). 2. It is a traffic violation to drive one person (including 12 years old or older). 3. It is a traffic violation to drive two people or two or more people. The netizens expressed their support and expressed their support. They should strictly enforce the law lightest wheelchair ramp, and the introduction of relevant regulations must be based on actual conditions and various discussions. Many netizens expressed their opposition and considered that such regulations are not “grounded”.Most netizens have raised the question of this regulation: How do children over the age of 12 go to school? If two adults travel together to drive one car, will it put more pressure on traffic lightest wheelchair ramp? Some netizens can say that they are “realists”, and even ridicule: the number of single dogs will likely hit a new high. Traffic police: On the basis of education for illegal passengers, the reporter took the doubts of many netizens and learned from the traffic police department of Liuzhou that there is a legal basis for the “electric bicycle passengers who require people over the age of 12 to count violations”. In addition to electric bicycles, motorcycles also have corresponding passenger requirements. Specifically: According to Article 42 of the “Regulations on Road Traffic Safety of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”: Bicycles and electric bicycles can carry one person; when driving on urban roads, only one child under the age of 12 can be carried, and children under the age of six can be equipped. A fixed seat should be used. Minors who have reached the legal age of driving bicycles and electric bicycles are not allowed to carry people while driving. According to Article 59, Item 11 of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Road Traffic Safety Regulations, if a non-motorized vehicle driver violates the regulations for carrying people or carrying goods, a fine of 50 yuan shall be imposed.According to the “Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, Article 55, paragraph 3, stipulates that “the rear seats of motorcycles shall not be used by minors under the age of 12, and mopeds shall not carry people.”