Designed with rotating diamonds eternity ring

Designed with rotating diamonds eternity ring, fashion women are crazy eternity ring. The surprise of sliding into the fingertips, coupled with the attachment of the eyes, does not care about wearing eternity ring, does not care about makeup, does not care about the richness of life, happy laughter, happy in it eternity ring, a count to run the ring. In this way, too heavy wear, and indispensable jewelry accessories. In this way, fashionable women know that a carefully selected piece of jewelry can cover all the old-fashioned and traditional eternity ring. Instead, the brilliance of diamonds leads us into an eternal and charming country eternity ring. Twilight, the girl’s favorite. Because it fits the skin, the color becomes the favorite color of the popular women. However, Twilight has a fatal flaw. It uses the V-neck’s chest design and the dazzling count to run the ring, thus forming a perfect visual golden ratio, allowing women to show their unique and rich posture in the charming style. The spirit of jewels, the soul of jewels, blend together to create a timeless enchanting color. Open the wonderful life of a woman. Let us walk into the count, and the count on the finger to run the ring also writes a subtle and elegant note with the woman’s ever-changing position. Witness a lot of lingering legendary love and become the embodiment of the declaration of love. A woman “bites” her hand because of frostbite and blisters on her hands. Use a lubricant. If the ring is only slightly tight, apply a little lubricant to the fingers, such as detergent, petrolatum, hand cream, Shampoo, ghee, peanut butter, baby oil, soapy water, etc.Be careful not to use too much force, otherwise it will make your fingers more swollen and the ring will be more difficult to remove. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the cotton thread method wraps the cotton thread around the bottom of the ring, wraps around the finger, and winds the cotton thread on the other side of the ring, so that the blood is not concentrated on the finger, and the ring is easier to take off. Of course, if the above methods don’t work, you can only ask the firefighter’s little brothers to help cut off the ring with tools. In winter, it can be rotated left and right after wearing, but it does not fall off. 2, feel the ring is wearing tight and there is a feeling of the card hand should be alert, although the edema time is not long, but if you do not remove the ring before going to bed at night, then it will be stuck in the veins due to swollen fingers in the morning, still Can cause pain. Therefore, it is best to remove the ring before going to bed to avoid unnecessary trouble. Who should not wear a ring? 1, children. Young children are curious about rings, rims and other items that are easy to put into their fingers, pregnant women. Pregnancy reaction can lead to edema, making the ring difficult to remove. Long-term, not only affects blood circulation, deformation and hypertrophy, the previous suitable ring is relatively tight; if it is difficult to pick, it should not be worn. Do not wear if you take a bath, etc. If you wear a ring, you should always take it and develop a good habit.