The passenger can complete the control of the elevator by pedaling lightest wheelchair ramp.

The passenger can complete the control of the elevator by pedaling lightest wheelchair ramp. Adhere to the people as the center, care for the special hardship groups, respect the wishes of the disabled, safeguard the rights of the disabled, pay attention to the social participation of the disabled, and promote the disabled to become the subject of rights and become the participants, contributors and enjoyrs of economic and social development lightest wheelchair ramp. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China regards the development of the cause of the disabled as an important goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way lightest wheelchair ramp. It insists on the combination of government leadership, social participation and market promotion. Persons with disabilities are a specially difficult group and need to be exceptionally Concerned and paid special attention, charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Society, Charity Association, and the Welfare Foundation for the Disabled to raise funds for the cause of the disabled and carry out charitable donations lightest wheelchair ramp. Enterprises and institutions undertake social responsibility and contribute to the development of the cause of the disabled lightest wheelchair ramp. Disabled organizations are fully developed lightest wheelchair ramp. The China Disabled Persons’ Federation is a people’s group composed of persons with disabilities, their relatives and friends, and disabled workers approved by the State Law. It represents the common interests of the disabled and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled; unites to explain the disabled and serves the disabled; To create a barrier-free universal design model for large-scale public facilities, and promote Daxing Airport to divide disabled people into three groups according to mobility inconvenience, visual impairment and hearing impairment for the first time. Innovatively divide barrier-free facilities into eight systems, combining international standards with Chinese people. Based on the unique ergonomics principle, the three types of groups are used to study the different needs of the eight barrier-free system facilities in the airport terminal building, and a set of barrier-free design suitable for large-scale integrated transportation hubs such as terminal buildings is summarized. In principle, it was learned through interviews that the design team and the expert team eliminated all kinds of unimaginable obstacles behind the scenes. For example, how to integrate the blind road design with the public environment of the airport, re-adjust the size of the gate in order to leave the barrier-free access when entering and leaving the customs, and tailor-made the baggage check-free facility to closely connect with the ground, and place it everywhere. Refine the details of the human service. With the support of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, Daxing Airport Construction Headquarters set up a national high-end barrier-free expert team to provide intellectual support, start from the source of construction design, strengthen and promote the construction of barrier-free environment, and finally achieve new results and achieve barrier-free demonstration. Template. Accessibility is not a narrow concept. It not only provides convenience for people with disabilities, but also facilitates passengers with large luggage and safe and convenient travel for the elderly, pregnant women and children.