The soul tree of Tainan cuisine Taiwan Taipei hotel.

The soul tree of Tainan cuisine Taiwan Taipei hotel. Everyone who comes to Taiwan for the first time has too many destinations to choose from: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Hualien, all familiar names that have been seen in books, lyrics or film and television dramas countless times. The purpose of my trip is only one: travel around the island. Two girls, two large suitcases, and all kinds of vehicles on the high-speed rail and iron-iron cars all experienced the same Taiwan Taipei hotel. I thought it would be a hard and exhausting journey, but it benefited from the convenient transportation and humanized infrastructure Taiwan Taipei hotel. And the helpful locals have become fun and sparkling. Taipei is a rainbow-colored city. It’s a hurry, it’s a stroll. It is quaint and deep, it is international modernity. Ximending is a passionate red, Wenchuang Park is a vibrant orange, the Palace Museum is a dignified yellow, Xiangshan is a natural fragrance of green, the earth is primitive and primitive, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a dignified blue , 101 is noble and elegant purple. The charm of Ximending Taipei is based on the familiarity, strangeness, closeness and alienation Taiwan Taipei hotel. Although walking on the road that I have never met, I have a glass of wine and a night of Taiwan Taipei hotel. Taipei Hotel Tainan’s fragrant streets and countless streets are full of Taiwan’s Raiders. Regarding Taiwan’s most delicious city, all the authors point to the same place: Tainan. This small town between the Alishan Mountains and the Taiwan Strait is one of the six “municipalities” in Taiwan Province Taiwan Taipei hotel. It is the site of Taiwan’s recognized Taiwanese cuisine and is also the main sugar producing area in Taiwan. The soup can be drunk directly, braved the heat and accompanied by the delicious flavor of the beef. It can also be added to the rice wine in the store. The taste of the soup will become more mellow and the aftertaste will be more sweet. In Taiwan, the sauces are made from a mixture of sweet and spicy sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, miso, and white powder. The taste and taste are more abundant. Tainan is a city that is suitable for people to wander around. Taipei is a place where people can feel a stop. Here, the homesickness is a small stamp, a ticket, a grave, a strait, a sentimental feeling and a sentimentality. Taipei is a land full of memories and anticipations. Here, there are historical relics, antique old streets, and Wangpu, which was once bustling. There are people who remember and try to keep memories. It is also a pioneer of culture and art. Ground, small dome concerts, street graffiti, street artists, dramas, movies, exhibitions. You can find dozens of novelty foods along the same street for a few tens of meters. It is never disappointing to sit down at a street shop. In addition, there are not many tourists in Tainan. The temperature in the evening is quite comfortable. It tastes good. It is worth trying, or buy it back and forth with the night, but eating too much will seriously affect the combat effectiveness.